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C&J Layoff's At El Reno, Oklahoma Yard

Laid of roughly 25 people, mostly the senior operators (ones with the most experience and some of our best hands) today. Pretty stupid if you ask me laying off the most experienced people. This is more of the Keane management BS that CJ is being... —  read more 


C&J Energy ServicesSubsidiaries CJ Holding Co. C&J Well Services, Inc. KVS Transportation, Inc. Tiger Cased Hole Services, Inc. C&J Energy Production Services Canada Ltd. Mobile Data Technologies Ltd. C&J VLC, LLC C&J Spec-Rent Services... —  read more 

New Layoffs at C&J Energy

It was announced on Thursday June 1st that C&J Energy would shut down production trucking operations In the Northeast affecting it's Dry Tavern PA and Jane Lew WV yards. Just another display of mismanagement and now as the industry is bouncing back. —  read more 

C & J Well Services closes Cambridge OH yard

C & J Cambridge Yard was shuttered on October 6th 2016 leaving several customers including its largest Ascent Resources scrambling for service of its wells. Just another long list of incompetent moves by the defunct C & J Well Services —  read more 

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