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Type curves and LOE

When actual Well data doesn’t add up to what management needs they fudge the numbers till they have a positive ROR. Blame poor wells on prices, timing, weather and anything else but themselves and the company. Unfortunately this doesn’t pay the... —  read more 

Chapter 22

This was as predictable as the 4 seasons. The stage was set for this latest bankruptcy by the FROG and his incompetent minions, but you cannot blame the current CEO. He may not be the best choice for this role, but he was handed a stinking pile... —  read more 

Put an end to the misery

For god's sake. Trying to squeeze blood from a turnip is ridiculous. The hedges are not going to make you survive past a few months.

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Golden Parachutes

Worried about losing your job here every day? Satisfied with YOUR crummy LTI? Don't worry it's all for the greater good. Our executive team needs to just cut our G&A a little bit more so they can award "retention" bonuses to themselves. WHAT A... —  read more 

delist it!

Hurry up and delist this company. it has been one of the worst operators in the business for years! delist it to expedite bankruptcy so working interest partners like myself can come in and remove them as operator per the JOA. another funny money... —  read more 

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At it again!

Looks like the new CEO learned the layoff tricks from the frog! Never going to learn are you chap?! All hope is lost. Just stick a fork in this pile of c-ap and be done.

Delisting and Then...Chapter 22 !

OKLAHOMA CITY, Nov. 15, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Chaparral Energy, Inc. (CHAP) (the “Company”) announced today that on November 11, 2019, the Company was notified by the New York Stock Exchange (“NYSE”) that the average closing price of the Company’s... —  read more 

It’s going down!!

Even the rats have began to abandon ship. It’s time to grab a lifeboat and protect yourself. The frog can swim his way out. Make no mistake this ship is going down.

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I have spoken to several vendors who have not been paid from the Mighty Chaparral in 4 to 6 months! The entire company and every management person is a complete joke!!! But as the old saying goes “what comes around goes around!”

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Some posts have been deleted here. I guess I’m one of the misfits that was laid off. The company you work for is a complete joke. You think 2019 will be a banner year? Great start lowest stock price in the history of going public, borrowing money... —  read more 

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Bankruptcy Ahoy!

Well once again Stackarral is poised to go bankrupt! Wow the amount of foolish decisions made here is unmatched by even the most mo--nic fool! Let’s see, Chaparral once a great company to work for has now become an industry joke. The leadership at... —  read more 

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Buh bye Chapaa

Well sold off panhandle assets to further fill everyone investing with c-ap they are looking to see if money in the other hand fills faster then the c-ap we all know how that will end

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Encore Performance

Over 2 years ago, we handed down to CHAP a sentence of BANKRUPTCY. Why ? The fact of the matter is it was feckless leadership that was marching to the same cadence as a parade of fools. Drowning in ever increasing debt, BANKRUPTCY came and went with... —  read more 

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Stock free fall

Can anyone explain the free falling stock value? The frog is just a frog. He is not a prince. So if you kiss the frog, he won't turn into a prince. Sure you might get promoted but most likely, you're just gonna grow a wart.

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Cheap CEO!

Explain how during bankruptcy they have better raises than now?? What a cheap a$$ of a CEO... clearly he doesn’t care to try and retain talent.

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I have been directly affected by Chaparral's operations, and this Perdure thing has got me very worried. If Perdure is actually rehashed Stackarral management, it signals a status quo for me or worse moneywise. Anyone know the name of the Perdure... —  read more 

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New company same ole dumba$$$

Get ready for the worst cold water ennama you could possibly have. Keep your resumes up to date you will need it sooner than later. Just matter of time before the curtain closes on the muppets show!

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Chaparral's Core Values

So, I guess all pretenses are out the window. Forget about integrity and relationships. Straight from the Frog's mouth. Good thing EOR is gone so we can really "grow shareholder value." Never mind the ones actually doing all the work have no... —  read more 

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