Topics regarding layoffs at NOV Middle East

Topics regarding layoffs at NOV Middle East

IT & Shawarma!

Have no idea who was in charge of CSR for NOV in the Middle East. Heard that the IT guy paid more than 150$ each for an outside company , most probably owned by himself, to take the 2-3 year old company laptops that would have worked for many more... — read more 

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I was one of the 3 ladies subjected to sexual harassment by a UK manager some time ago. When this came to light what happened? I was framed by HR with Internal Audit and fired for borrowing money from colleagues and then this guy was sent without... — read more 

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My manager in Kwt harass me. No NOV in Kwt, only agent. I went under this stress for long time and then live the co. Later I know that sr. Mgmt in Huston know about all this from email and lync but hide it b'coz they want other info from this manager... — read more 

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