NOV Middle East Layoffs

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IT & Shawarma!

Have no idea who was in charge of CSR for NOV in the Middle East. Heard that the IT guy paid more than 150$ each for an outside company , most probably owned by himself, to take the 2-3 year old company laptops that would have worked for many more... read more
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Wiki Leaks

Search for NOV:
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I was one of the 3 ladies subjected to sexual harassment by a UK manager some time ago. When this came to light what happened? I was framed by HR with Internal Audit and fired for borrowing money from colleagues and then this guy was sent without... read more


My manager in Kwt harass me. No NOV in Kwt, only agent. I went under this stress for long time and then live the co. Later I know that sr. Mgmt in Huston know about all this from email and lync but hide it b'coz they want other info from this manager... read more
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Lebanese Mafia Does NOT Exist

Please stop spreading rumors on the internet about Lebanese mafia. Each ethnic group tends to congregate and support each other, why are Lebanese people any different here? Also, if you hate Lebanese so much why do companies are eager to hire them?... read more

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