Topics regarding layoffs at Saudi Aramco

Topics regarding layoffs at Saudi Aramco

Let's try a new approach...

what did you enjoy about your time at Aramco? I enjoyed the education of seeing how others parts of the world got by; realizing just how blessed I had been being born where I was. My heart really went out to the laborers that make the middle east... —  read more 

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Aramco is great.

Just logged onto to this and see the multiple negative comments, a few requests from people looking for jobs and wondering about all the negativity, and to be fair a few comments from employees giving balanced views. Here are my thoughts from a 30... —  read more 

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Contamination & Cancer

We are hesitant to go there we watched a video talks about someone being fired after their kid got Ewing sarcoma or Langerhans cell histiocytosis from "environmental" agents in Dhahran. Apparently there are several cases not random. Any information?... —  read more 

Layoff package for US Expats

Anyone care to share what what the package is like? It's not in the HR manual anymore. Is it a month of your Base for every year of service or half a month? Can someone also confirm that this is completely separate from the RIP? Regards,

Hiring and firing?

I’m being offered a position with downstream Technical Support Division. Anyone know if this a good place to be? I’m also hesitant to accept and unable to comprehend how can Aramco be hiring and firing at the same time. I’m told that they are... —  read more 

Is it really so?

That those who work hard and have good skills are hard to replace in SA as someone says? I know a person that every company would like to have, a great expert from whom many had much to learn, but he is no longer there. They got rid of him very... —  read more 

Non-vaccinated at Aramco

Anyone know what's going to happen to those that refuse to be vaccinated for whatever reason? I mean, will they still be asked to take PCR tests to come to work? The company is staying quiet, but I heard an email went out to management last week... —  read more 

Is late to join now

There are tons of opportunities now on the Aramco website and some are for expats. I had an interview and might be expecting an offer. It’s sounds like it’s too late to join Aramco now and the best days are over. Do you guys think it’s worth it? —  read more 

which is worse???

Which is worse???? Reading comments from ingrate Saudi's who fire the people who built Aramco and continue to do the real work (and then come back to do the work as consultants and contractors) Working and living with fellow expats who are... —  read more 

It’s Happening Now

For expats, the major (steady) flow of expat layoffs are continuing with a vengeance. Very secretive, but quietly apparent. I just got it, but I’m not alone. I wish the survivors well. It was good while it lasted.

Gas Layoffs

Who all is affected. Company is firing expats again. They are trying to hide it by releasing fewer at a time. But my sources say more are planned and management doesn’t want a repeat of the fuss with the previous round.

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