Topics regarding layoffs at Saudi Aramco

Topics regarding layoffs at Saudi Aramco

You should head back home

If Saudi Aramco is such a cr---y place to work as so many expats working here are trying to paint it as being, what are you still doing here? Why don't you pack your bags and head back home where I'm sure O&G companies will welcome you with open arms... —  read more 

From the Financial Times

Missiles, bullying claims, a tragic death: what’s going on at Saudi Aramco? When Alwyn Whitcher took a job with Saudi Aramco in 2017, he believed he was joining a company with a history of valuing the expatriate engineers who helped build and run... —  read more 

Things are looking good

Stop worrying and enjoy the good times while they last. Saudi Aramco net revenues double to $110bn on surging oil demand Saudi Aramco has reported its highest annual earnings since an initial public offering in 2019, as the world’s biggest oil... —  read more 

Don't worry for layoffs

Under current market where bigest oil consumers are looking to deal in their own currency, If SAR leaves their constant 3.75 rate to let's said 3, you will se how expats will abandon the ship. I can't imagine better Saudization program.

"Family Reasons"

When quitting this place the best & only reason to give is "family". To avoid what kind of trouble? Why you can't say "I found another opportunity" or "I need a change from this environment" or simply "no reason" ? What kind of retribution are the... —  read more 

Some of you confuse me

All you do is complain about the company, the country, the people...everything. But it's not as if somebody is forcing you to stay here. You make that choice every single day. Frankly, if I was THAT unhappy and if I despised my surroundings that... —  read more 

RSU posts getting erased

I guess that letting others know that the money employees have placed in this company stock in against the policies, but it's true, be careful with the employee RSU as they are getting deposited into non-active bank accounts and months go by and the... —  read more 

Surplussed Today

It was something that I’ve dreaded for several years now and it has finally happened. It is a stress-relieving event for me. This is no longer the company of choice. It is common knowledge that those expats on the older pay and benefits plan are... —  read more 

Aviation (JHAH 2.0)

Things have gone from bad to worse. Our mechanics and ground support crews, consisting of Saudis and Filipinos, went on strike this month due to not being paid in four months - one vendor paid up and the other still has not. Their company is... —  read more 

Enjoy every day

If you worked for Aramco, you had a lot of opportunities to travel before Covid age, to get some money to pass without issues this time, to knew a different culture that soon will no longer exist, I mean the compound life. So if you leave and you are... —  read more 

No Significant Layoffs

Nothing is really going on in KSA other than targeted (minor) layoffs of US expats on the older, more lucrative pay & benefits package. The Company is on a hiring campaign to replace and supplement the existing workforce with newer expats that will... —  read more 

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