Topics regarding layoffs at Saudi Aramco

Topics regarding layoffs at Saudi Aramco


Work shouldn’t suck. Work shouldn’t create emptiness in us. Work shouldn’t destroy our confidence or self esteem. Work shouldn’t make us feel excluded and isolated. Work should add value to our lives. It should add connection. It should add... —  read more 

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Things that could get even worse?

I have been working here for a long time and I notice that there is less and less enthusiasm and motivation both working hard and advancing one's career. Some new hires are literally lost, some of them don't even know what to do. No one has ambition... —  read more 

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Brain rotting away working here

I am mentally unchallenged and my brain is rotting, working for this excuse of a company. I spend day after day dealing with arrogant imbeciles and doing paperwork just like an intern. He do you old timers keep things going? Any pearls of wisdom? ... —  read more 

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New batch of recent hires

In October will arrive a new big batch of recent hires, ready to cover locals enjoying Fifa World Cup but will be December the next ELP for expats?, there is a lot close to 10 year during first half of 2023.

Us expat tips?

Hey everyone, I am having my 2nd interview with SA. Looking to see what the typical expat benefits are? I am young married and no kids. Is aramco a good long term company? 20+ years? I would be leaving Texas to Dhahran. Any other tips?

Outsourcing corruption

Be aware this is what's happening with outsourcing of business lines. VP's & SVP's are colluding with each other to inflate the running costs of business lines before they are outsourced, look at the $100m overspend in Community Services, which was... —  read more 

Next big layoff, when?

Now we have two years of last 5% expat cut during COVID pandemic but every three years they are firing people as per their schedule policy of ELP. So next batch will be so agressive as last one, another 5% or higher?, western people will continue... —  read more 

From the Financial Times

Missiles, bullying claims, a tragic death: what’s going on at Saudi Aramco? When Alwyn Whitcher took a job with Saudi Aramco in 2017, he believed he was joining a company with a history of valuing the expatriate engineers who helped build and run... —  read more 

Things are looking good

Stop worrying and enjoy the good times while they last. Saudi Aramco net revenues double to $110bn on surging oil demand Saudi Aramco has reported its highest annual earnings since an initial public offering in 2019, as the world’s biggest oil... —  read more 

Don't worry for layoffs

Under current market where bigest oil consumers are looking to deal in their own currency, If SAR leaves their constant 3.75 rate to let's said 3, you will se how expats will abandon the ship. I can't imagine better Saudization program.

"Family Reasons"

When quitting this place the best & only reason to give is "family". To avoid what kind of trouble? Why you can't say "I found another opportunity" or "I need a change from this environment" or simply "no reason" ? What kind of retribution are the... —  read more 

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