Topics regarding layoffs at Saudi Aramco

Topics regarding layoffs at Saudi Aramco

Saudi invisible tax

There is a tax that only you can measure it once you leave the kingdom, I called the Saudi invisible tax, employees could be comfortable at work, certainly some departments take care of their expats but family, your wife and kids are taking a huge... —  read more 

Profiles of expats

I generally find expats fall into these categories in Aramco. Maxing it out until retirement. Have a target $$$ and therefore planned leave date. Recent joiner and wondering WTF to do (my category) I’ve yet to encounter what I was... —  read more 

Fear based corporate culture

Here is the portrait of the "ideal" Aramco manager according to what I saw. This manager communicates expectations, usually from higher up who in turn took their orders from Riyadh. However, first he increases them, so if it was supposed to be done... —  read more 

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E is for Expat

Anyone ever gotten more than this rating? Given I run the show and do everything in this dept, it’s a kick in the teeth. My boss told me in as many words, that it won’t ever go higher as others in the dept (Saudis) take precedence as they are... —  read more 

Air quality

I’m a recent hire in Dhahran, living in camp. The air quality is very poor. Is it like this year round? I’m concerned about long term health consequences of living in this environment. Any experiences? Thank you.

Career progress

I am very disappointed because I thought that I would be able to make a lot of progress in my career here. At first I thought that it might take a long time before I can be seen as a valid candidate for promotion. However, despite all my efforts, it... —  read more 

Fast regret

I moved here a few weeks ago, family due to join next month. Early impressions are negative. housing is old/unpleasant with many defects that are taking time and nunerius phone calls to remedy. Told no options for min 2 years to change. ... —  read more 


Work shouldn’t suck. Work shouldn’t create emptiness in us. Work shouldn’t destroy our confidence or self esteem. Work shouldn’t make us feel excluded and isolated. Work should add value to our lives. It should add connection. It should add... —  read more 

Us expat tips?

Hey everyone, I am having my 2nd interview with SA. Looking to see what the typical expat benefits are? I am young married and no kids. Is aramco a good long term company? 20+ years? I would be leaving Texas to Dhahran. Any other tips?

Outsourcing corruption

Be aware this is what's happening with outsourcing of business lines. VP's & SVP's are colluding with each other to inflate the running costs of business lines before they are outsourced, look at the $100m overspend in Community Services, which was... —  read more 

Next big layoff, when?

Now we have two years of last 5% expat cut during COVID pandemic but every three years they are firing people as per their schedule policy of ELP. So next batch will be so agressive as last one, another 5% or higher?, western people will continue... —  read more 

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