Topics regarding layoffs at Saudi Aramco

Topics regarding layoffs at Saudi Aramco

Deafening aircraft a part of life

There’s a lot of F15s and Tornados doing mock sorties of the camp recently, they have a practice loop that goes right over my house. Some even with their damn afterburners on at full-tilt around 200 feet, wakes my kids up. I know they are bored... —  read more 

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Aramco for US Expat?

What's it like working as US Expat for Aramco at KSA these days? Is housing covered or subsidized? Is the pay premium worth it over getting a similar position at a place like ExxonMobil? Is it worth considering going without family, if you have... —  read more 

Aramco Alternatives

Since Aramco is on a mission to reduce the expat experience, what are alternative companies experienced US citizen O&G professionals can go to as expats and still make bank? Rotational assignment preferred to keep family in US and make family life... —  read more 

Aramco’s Twitter Feed

There you will find such nonsense as “Human potential is the energy that drives us forward.” Plenty of greenwashing and other such propaganda. It would be entertaining if not so serious. Aramco’s feed makes it seem like the best company in the... —  read more 


I left a good job to come here. Negotiated and got to an acceptable level (I thought). Was subject to the usual negotiating tactics around lifestyle benefits and tax savings. Except the lifestyle benefit is a big fat lie. One can argue that not... —  read more 

GC 14 offer

I have an offer at $13k base for GC14. Total is just over 20k a month = $240k per year. This excludes bonus and travel payment which I’m not including in the calculation. I’m on $260 base at the moment exclusive of a 20% bonus plus decent retirement... —  read more 

Saudi invisible tax

There is a tax that only you can measure it once you leave the kingdom, I called the Saudi invisible tax, employees could be comfortable at work, certainly some departments take care of their expats but family, your wife and kids are taking a huge... —  read more 

Profiles of expats

I generally find expats fall into these categories in Aramco. Maxing it out until retirement. Have a target $$$ and therefore planned leave date. Recent joiner and wondering WTF to do (my category) I’ve yet to encounter what I was... —  read more 

E is for Expat

Anyone ever gotten more than this rating? Given I run the show and do everything in this dept, it’s a kick in the teeth. My boss told me in as many words, that it won’t ever go higher as others in the dept (Saudis) take precedence as they are... —  read more 

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