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How bad will this get for us?

Pre IPO House Cleaning

What do you think about this idea? Cutting a bit here, a bit there. Focus on contractors. It'd improve the overall cost profile and help with the IPO


Anybody know if anything new is happening with aviation? Privatization? I heard their manager resigned.

New round of layoffs

Rumors of new round of layoffs coming between now and July. Any idea which departments?

Looking for work before or after aramco

Hello looking to find out if when you found out that you were not going to be extended. Did you send out resumes while working at Aramco or just wait until returning to the states and after a month or two look for another job?

Global Payroll Severance Buyout?

I heard a rumor that Aramco will be terminating the severance pay that we are supposed to get. Everybody would get paid out for existing service, but nothing would be offered from that time forward. Any truth?


Does anyone have any idea what will happen to expats IT in the next few months/years? Lots of rumors about complete saudization.

Slump in Aramco bonds Investors are already dumping Aramco’s bonds If only we had gotten the opportunity to short that IPO.... —  read more 

My area is really going to $h^t

Hi Everyone, I figure that if I can't transfer, its time to go. However, there is another area under a completely different Senior VP who wants me. Conditions there seem more sane. Other people from my department have had their transfers blocked. HR... —  read more 

Lay offs in lieu of IPO?

A lot of rumors going around again in light of the Sabic deal recently. I work in Aviation and have been dealing with privatization rumors for two years now. The impact it's had on me and my family has been quite stressful to say the least. Unlike... —  read more 

What happens to Chemicals now that we own SABIC?

Aramco has long struggled with downstream, period. Chemicals in particular. Just look at SADARA. SABIC might not be all that, but its pretty safe to say that they have done better than Aramco. It would make sense to let the SABIC folks run the whole... —  read more 

Aramco US saving plan 50% savings

just looking to find out if others have made the mistake of having too much being taken out of their paycheck for the US 401K plan only to learn the sup. saving plan is taxed at 38%. A fellow co. worker did this and after 23 years of saving found out... —  read more 

Any layoffs expected?

What's the situation on layoffs currently? Are we looking at more before next year?

If you got laid off and found a new Job

How does the overall package at your new employment compare to Saudi Aramco? Benefits? 401K? Medical? Pension? Housing? How do the working conditions compare? Working Hours? Commute? workplace communication? performance reviews? co-workers? career... —  read more 

Aramco post retirement healthcare = $145 per month Do any of you Aramcons remember that little email from HR where they said they were making your post retirement health care benefits... —  read more 


Stop spreading rumors. The layoff CRM request was closed on time and was handled correctly. It was simply rejected over and over while it was bounced from department to department because nobody knew which group was supposed to do the work. So it... —  read more 

We used to be on the same team

I wish we could go back to the way things were. We used to be on the same team. Now it’s nothing but animosity and I don’t see the reason for it. Within aviation, the Saudis are great. Someone mentioned their skills and attitude and I have to agree... —  read more 

Slow trickle of layoffs

A few in layoffs trickling in still, power systems and some finance.... I guess trying not call attention to it. Seems, ARAMCO still not recovering. I am sure someone will debate this with unjustified enthusiasm.

SA Expanding in The USA

Get ready... —  read more 

Incoming layoffs next week

Read in an older thread that hundreds of layoffs will start next week at Saudi Aramco, anybody has any more info on this?


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