Topics regarding layoffs at Saudi Aramco

Topics regarding layoffs at Saudi Aramco

Low offer from Aramco

I am from an EU country and offered $5000 monthly base salary, plus 60% for a role in project management. It is for a 13 role. This is far away from my expectations. I have read in this site about negotiating, is getting $10000 an option?

Breathing difficulties

I’ve been in KSA for around 6 months. Been sneezing and sometimes wheezing a bit, and recently been prescribed an inhaler. Doc says it is my body acclimatising to a new environment but despite being pressed he wouldn’t confirm it’s due to air... — read more 

Another year, another ‘E’

Surprise, surprise, E is for Expat. Again. Different excuse made by management this time, apparently nobody got above an E in the team! I find that hard to believe! Guess it’s easier to be dishonest than admit the system is corrupt.

Housing nightmares

There was a recent comment about a Dhahran residents battle with the Aramco Housing dept. We spend A LOT of time bashing management (deservingly so) but not much mentioned about the substandard housing expats are forced to endure. I remember my... — read more 

180 days in kingdom..WTF

WTF is this about? I’m being told to move to some sh1tty apartment and pay for my kids schools if I don’t “comply”. Why is it even relevant? This was not made clear to me until I landed in the pit. What can I do?

Lowball Offer

I have an offer for a role in IT that is actually less than my current base by over 1500USD a month. I’ve read a few others on here have faced the same predicament.Is there any point in negotiating further?

Why after all this time?

Why do you people continue to be shocked, amazed and upset over the treatment of expats at Aramco? They have been wholly owned by the Saudi government (i.e. the royal family) since 1980. I would be more surprised if they operated the company more to... — read more 

Sharing the message

Any ideas how we can expand the sharing beyond this forum? Of course want to remain anon due to our continuing professional lives in and out of ARAMCO. But this black company deserves more negative press to prevent more western expats making the... — read more 

Here come layoffs

Saudi Aramco profits hit by falling oil prices Saudi Aramco's second-quarter profits fell by almost 40% as a result of weaker oil prices. Yahoo Finance Markets Reporter Jared Blikre notes that the company remains highly profitable despite the... — read more 

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