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The Emperor has no clothes

“Becoming the Industry Leader” Any other current employees read this recent letter from Stevey and “VIKI”? Curious to hear your reactions… What moron thinks up this stuff? I have a cost-saving idea: fire the moron who wrote this drivel. (Pretty sure... read more
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Pay Cuts

Pay Cuts..... Apparently Oxy is telling their vendors etc. to cut costs for supposedly the 2nd time in 2015. The first time was supposed to have been in Spring.....some of the agencies that Oxy uses are giving their employees the reduction in pay to... read more

Proud of Oxy

I'm proud of Oxy and how management has been navigating the downturn. Cost cutting initiatives to save jobs and reaching down to find efficiencies. Looking forward to 2016 with a company that I'm proud to work for! Here here!


Oxy has a culture of hate - they have for a long time. That's why they couldn't get people for a few years after 2008/2009. People are picked out for persecution and victimization and, if they don't like it, are driven out with retaliation in... read more

2016 Layoffs at Occidental Petroleum

I can confirm that VSPs are also going to people in their 20s and 30s that want to leave. I predict big layoffs will come January 2016 (since I font think Oxy would have a massive layoff during the holidays)....or they will allow people to natural... read more

Cost Cutting - 11/2015

So I know from very reliable source that there is a cost cutting event/request on or around 11-17-2015 and there is a request to cut 15 to 20% off projects etc. Has anyone heard this or have any more specifics or Intel?

What is in store for week of 10/26/2015?

Does anyone really know the numbers they are looking for in terms of the VSP? I have heard not enough have taken it.....what are those numbers? I have heard that 400 pkgs went out and out of those numbers...not enough people took them.....so they are... read more


Aquiring Sandridge assets in South Permian? Sooner than later.

Update on layoffs/separations

Does anyone know the current status of the layoff/separation situation in Houston? Are they continuing to cut? Any idea when things will settle and we can stop worrying?

Voluntary packages

My Manager verbally offered a voluntary severance today to 3 of us in my department. Indicated not enough people took the early retirement option. I am conflicted cause though I am in my 50s I am no where near immediate retirement. I have only been... read more


Has anyone found that being laid off from Oxy is preventing them from getting hired elsewhere?

More coming

They have let more go here in Houston today....don't know exact numbers
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Is it over??

Since the exit of the retirees and the forced retirees; there hasn't been much going on. I know there were people let go here and there but nothing recently. What is everyone else seeing and hearing?

Any rumors on this week?

What will happen? It has been quiet for the past few business days
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Contractors vs Direct

I have noticed at Oxy that contractors are treated like outsiders. I have noticed this in my group to a pretty heavy degree and wondered if there are others that experience the same? I have worked contract before and not experienced this to such a... read more


I know one guy who took the VSP deal without reading. Apparently they just gave him a Very Sad Puppy. He was like wait and then they shut the door. Little Kinder is a bit happier today though so that is a plus.
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Tread lightly

Senior REs and PE taking retirement packages, confirmed layoffs this week. OXY is a good company and in better position, but we need prices up!!

Layoffs Today?

Heard that there were layoffs in Houston today and it might continue tomorrow. Does anyone have any specific info?

Chemicals carrying the company...

Chevron just stated 5700 downstream jobs cut by the end of 2016, 1500 immediately, on top of the 20% crude oil and marketing cuts. Does Oxy follow the same script and start handing out chemical pink slips after 3rd quarter earnings or LOSSES posted??
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