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ROCS. “One team. One goal.”

“ROCS safety portal is live.....All Oxy employees should use the safety portal to report all safety and environmental incidents or near misses...” Next sentence advises it doesn’t apply to LAPC employees.

Fireside Chat with VH???????

BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!! This is insane on so many levels!!! This proves once again how clueless she is. Fireside Chat - Oh yes we all feel so close to Aunt Vi. Let's just cozy up to her around the fire after she's jacked around with us for over a year... —  read more 

Stop wasting so much money on the carbon stuff

VH states we have to have a climate change story. But why can’t that story involve shelving of the carbon projects until the company is in good shape again? They are the reason our cash flow is still challenged and the company can’t even afford... —  read more 


I know our 401k is protected by federal laws. But is our Oxy pension protected too in a ch 11 or 7 bankruptcy? The answer to this will determine if I need to leave Oxy now or later. If anyone knows, or has already spoken to a labor/corporate lawyer... —  read more 


Icahn is our daddy now! He will control VH like a puppet and if prices do not recover layoffs are coming with minimal severance. OXY HR - You are the scum of the Earth. Most employees look at you with the same disgust as the rest of management.

Job Board

Hilcorp is hiring a JIB Accountant https://www.hilcorp.com/work-at-hilcorp/careers/ Go for it! Oxy is a deadend h-hole.

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Failed IT Integration

It’s a shame to see how this failed integration has revealed the incompetence of Oxy IT management. We’re now 10 months from the merger and hardly anything has been integrated. L-APC still operate on a separate computer system and struggle to... —  read more 

Oxy announces dividend

Occidental Petroleum Corporation (NYSE:OXY) said today that its Board of Directors has declared a regular quarterly dividend of $0.01 per share on common stock payable on July 15, 2020, to stockholders of record as of June 15, 2020. This is an update... —  read more 

How Could the Shareholders Let This Happen?

Honestly, I am amazed VH was reelected as CEO. She will go down as the worst CEO in oil and gas history. I get why Icahn supported her, so she will be his puppet from now on, but why did the rest of the shareholders allow it? I voted against her and... —  read more 

Shale Ponzi Scheme is the Cause of ...

Oxy’s troubles and the downfall of the entire US O&G industry. VH’s re-election is easily explainable by the Ponzi scheme operated by collusion between shareholders and company executives, from small operations to the... —  read more 

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This is not right

I still don't think we should of had to give up 30% of our salary, and then continue to have layoffs and vsp offers. With less people to hold down the fort and do the job we should at least be paid the same as those that were laid off. There are... —  read more 

“ WE ARE OXY !!!”

Sure don’t hear that chant any longer !! Like we did when OXY came in and told Anadarko how great they where. Anadarko people took the severance packages and are now watching the circus . Anadarko was a great company and took care of their... —  read more 

Be realistic about your future

Let’s be realistic for a moment, the fact over half the country is working from home effectively and efficiently reveals the reality that oil demand will be nonexistent for years to come. Transportation demand isn’t coming back anytime soon if at... —  read more 

Vicki: We ask for equality

We all know layoffs are very likely in the near term. Vicki, if you are reading this, we ask for equality In the next round of layoff. VP, managers, directors, leads should be on the list as well. Just because they have the management positions... —  read more 

Oxy Proxy

Just got my proxy in the mail today. It had to be returned by yesterday for my vote to count. I wouldn’t put it past VH and Oxy to have held up delivery of these so people wouldn’t get to vote her a– off the board.

Voluntary Severance

What is the highest amount of months anyone has heard of being accepted so far. Highest I’ve heard so far is 12 months.


What you've just said is one of the most insanely id–tic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for... —  read more 

Missed Opportunity

SMH. While I have been very put off by the power-hungry folks and micro-managers, awful communication, and lack of strategy, I have held on with my belief in Vicki for some time. Unfortunately, today’s “conversation” was a complete missed... —  read more 


As expected, today's "conversation" is all about sharing of the VH Delusion. I shut it down at about minute five.

Live Recording of VH

Can someone live record her Q&A tomorrow and put it under an alias account on reddit or somewhere and post the link in here?

Bankruptcy is now a certainty

After so many bad decisions - especially regarding acquisitions - we were in a bad state already. Now with the coronavirus added to the mix, it's unrealistic to think bankruptcy is not happening - and sooner rather than later. Titanic was in better... —  read more 

Another nugget from PinkPetro.com

Titled: She Persisted, August 29, 2019 Selected quotes: “The activism Oxy has been putting up from from bully shareholders and the public is ridiculous. .... Something tells me Vicki’s valiant fight won’t be made into a tv-series. ... Now Oxy... —  read more 

Nugget from PinkPetro.com

Here’s a quote/ nugget (ha!) from PinkPetro.com , May 15, 2019, that explains quite a bit about Oxy’s downfall. “Because of our autonomy, we are able to identify a challenge and come up with a solution, then actually implement it from a full cycle... —  read more 

Claiming Partial Unemployment????

It's a shame to hear that Oxy employees and even some Oxy leadership are claiming partial unemployment. The Law clearly states that partial unemployment eligibility is only for those that have been forced to work less than their customary full-time... —  read more 

OXY is the Operator of Choice (Ha!)

I used to giggle when I heard OXY say this. We have such a terrible reputation within the industry. I have friends at other companies that say what a pain we are to work with.

Service Companies Disappearing

Serious question here and wanted to see what personnel from a major oil company think about this topic. I will throw in a disclaimer, I work for a major service company. The story of major service companies in our industry for the last 20 years has... —  read more 


Seeing all these "denied" just means this is a one way street type of thing for Oxy. You have some HR jerk making decisions about a person's work future. They are going to come in low until you accept and then get a "good job" from their boss. The... —  read more 

Back in office?

So far I have only heard that managers are headed back plus a few other clerical employees once a week. Is anyone else? Why would badges be deactivated NOW? Why not months ago? Sounds shady.

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