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Simple request - if you feel the need to b**ch about your job, go tell your SO. If you have actual layoff news, post it here on thelayoff. Given that the latest 257 posts have had nothing to do with actual layoff news, I'm thinking of starting a... —  read more 

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Entire EC Needs to Go

I think most employees hate working for this company now. I now work an area meant for 4 people due to taking over for employees previously laid off. Did I get a raise that I earned this year? Nope. But am I expected to work overtime to manage my... —  read more 


Changes in GOM organization weakening safety and controls? Time will tell, but if something bad happens management may have criminal liability.

All show and no go...

I used to hate coming to the office on Halloween because of that. Is there another O&G company’s EC that actually does that??? My previous employer didn’t have all these nonsense. Spending hours to give out candies? Do they even know how much they... —  read more 

BAR Training (What a Joke)

“We take calculated risks” “We hold ourselves accountable for our performance” Huh, last time I checked we are on the verge of bankruptcy thanks to our fearless leader VH taking reckless risks and then not stepping down to hold herself... —  read more 


One saving grace of greenway remaining closed: Vicki won’t embarrass herself and the company by dressing up in costume and handing out candy for hours at the escalator. What a mo–n!

Return to work

I want genuine answers why someone working at Greenway wants/needs to be working in physical building? I mean all this dumpster gang logic of economy, team work, motivation etc is not enough. If you can work from home why change it?

Oxy @ Minute Maid?

With the MLB post season playing the championship series at Minute Maid with fans (mostly in suites)... does Oxy have the gaul to send anyone to the suite? If anyone goes, please let us know if you see any of our Execs milking the last of the... —  read more 

Rolls down hill

We’ve all heard the saying “c-ap rolls downhill” and it’s so true when it comes to management decisions. The repercussions of those decisions usually end up being costly mistakes that the workers eventually pay for. We’ve seen it all, no salary... —  read more 

Cuts coming...

To protect my job and anonymity .. I need to be generic. I was asked to join a call this AM regarding something else non related. After the call, I unintionally stayed on a bit later as I was typing up a to do list for myself and overheard a... —  read more 

Don’t be impulsive

I work alongside a great guy but lately he is so fed up with the company he is thinking of just walking out. I can understand his frustration, we’ve all felt it a time or two. He thinks he can find similar employment, but c’mon we are in a pandemic... —  read more 

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