Topics regarding layoffs at Occidental Petroleum Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Occidental Petroleum Corp.

Benefits of hybrid schedule

I just discovered last Sunday what the benefits of the hydrid schedule are. 1) you can get really stoned on some good stuff on Sunday night and still be OK for Tuesday.. No red eyes, no buss brain. All is OK unless someone wants to rat you out. ... —  read more 

Woodlands Tower

As a shareholder and retiree I am always surprised to walk by the tower at 9:30 in the morning and see people working out in the gym and staff walking on the waterway. Firstly, you can see through the smoked glass from the outside and secondly, if... —  read more 

Your honest answer

I know that things on here should be taken with a grain of salt but I'm still curious. What do you dislike/like about the company or what has your personal experience been like? What would you say to someone who is thinking about applying or to past... —  read more 

401K Employer's Match

Can someone provide details on this, such as % and which investment company is used (fidelity, vanguard, etc)? Also, is the match invested into the investment of your choosing or into something else? If something else, do you have the option to sell... —  read more 

Dr-g Test

Anyone work at OXY or have in the past? Interested in applying to a role (office role not out on the field) and am wondering if a dr-g test would be required. If so, would it be a ur--e, hair, or both? Just want to know what to expect.


If you are lucky enough to get LTI, how does that work? Do you get that amount of RSU every year? Or only get refreshers after the original amount runs out(after a few years). Every company is different


Anyone hear more on the fully remote WFH option, whether it’ll be company wide and how much of a pay cut those opting for it will have to take?

Grade increase

Is there a larger raise with a grade level increase? On average, annual raises have been between 2 and 3% from I've heard and experienced. If I get a grade increase with my annual raise, would it be a higher raise overall, like 5%? Bonus target... —  read more 

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