Topics regarding layoffs at Occidental Petroleum Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Occidental Petroleum Corp.

Oxy Warrants

Wish I could find the post of guys telling me my Oxy warrants were going to expire worthless. Looks like they are in the money today with six years left until expiration.

Stimulus check and VSP

Has anyone who took the VSP figured out how to ethically and legally get the most recent stimulus check or the next one? It seems like most VSPers have been all paid out and are no longer drawing an income this year. We are no different than a... —  read more 

A year later

Having major layoffs last January right before the pandemic hit was some majorly bad timing (unintentionally) for those affected. I'm guessing they didn't have many options for other employment for a while unless they started looking right away... —  read more 

GOM leadership leaving

Another leader (LAPC Director) is packing up and leaving for a competitor as things just don't seem to be getting better in the GOM group. Not much to see here folks, just a mismanaged group run by incompetent / arrogant executive. Safety is as... —  read more 

Back to work

Looks like the WFH will continue for at least through Q1 so you can continue to get another 3 months off. Not a bad gig to work from home, get paid a lot of money, and still get bonuses.

To my fellow VSP’ers

I got a nice package last year, so I’m not at all complaining. BUT...I only have a year left of payments and job prospects look bleak given the economy and my age. Anyone experiencing this too? This first year went by so fast. I’m just getting a... —  read more 

Happy Xmas and new year!

Wish you all a very happy Xmas and new year. So much to look forward in the new year. Vaccine, life back to normal, oil in $50s, eligible people taking jobs in hand and ineligible people shipped to golf course 😛.

No VSP Rehires!

No, Oxy is NOT re-hiring peeps who took the VSP!! Quit asking and starting hurtful rumors! I know this to be true because like I said in an earlier post, I actually work HR at Oxy! Sheesh

Re-org info?

Any info on the reorg that is supposed to be announced by end of year? What is the “US Prod Ops Organization” supposed to be? Hoe will all the newly-created teams in the new development arm be staffed?

Job opening

How stable is The Woodlands office location? Im iterested in a Job opening (Technical Security Coordinator) but hesitant to apply due to layoffs in the industry.

Texas warn notices

Why did Oxy not file a WARN notice on layoffs in 2020? Both Exxon and ConocoPhillips have. There must be some difference in the number of layoffs or some other technicality. It seems like they all would give the 60 days pay no matter what so it... —  read more 

Happy Holidays Everyone

I want to wish everyone on this site a happy holiday season. Don't let the handful of Karens on this site that post the same thing over and over again get to you. If you check any company's board from Google to Chevron to Tesla and Conoco, there's... —  read more 

Oxy logic

Since the company is not laying off it must be doing well. Since it is doing well let’s bring back the dividend so common stockholders get at least as much as WB does.

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