Topics regarding layoffs at Occidental Petroleum Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Occidental Petroleum Corp.

Oxy action required

Anyone know if HR is working on a supplement to women's reproductive medical care benefits and associated travel costs due to the Supreme Court decision today? I don’t see how any company can ignore this. Companies don’t have to take sides but have... —  read more 

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Everything is urgent

The problem with double workload is mostly in prioritizing work and all you need to do is set priorities better - sounds like a very good and simple advice. However, I don't know how it is with you, but with my manager everything is urgent? In... —  read more 

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Oxy is unique

Saw an article today that said U.S. oil producers are doling out billions to shareholders. I think Oxy is unique in they aren’t sending much of the windfall profits to shareholders. Debt or no debt, more needs to go to the shareholders.

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Oxy crossed 70 today

Just wanted to bring it to notice that Oxy ticker has crossed 70 today! That’s about 600-700% increase if you had faith in it to buy at lowest point in 2020. If you had got Apple or CVX at the same time frame the gain would have been 150% & 200%... —  read more 

Fluffy chairs in office

Is it okay to bring our own fluffy comfortable chairs to the office? I know some old timers here will immediately jump on this thread and spew their venomous comments. I mean if you are allowed choices of clothing then why not seating? I dare you to... —  read more 

GOM future…..

With the past GOM lease sale in court and the next two cancelled I am a little worried with what the future holds for GOM exploration. It has been a nice ride for my career, but to me it looks pretty bad right now for the near future. I guess for now... —  read more 

Layoffs coming

You people in oil companies are very fortunate to have a business tied to high commodity prices (at the moment). Many of your friends in other businesses will lose their jobs later in 2022 as the recession hits. But don’t think that you will be... —  read more 


It seems like the Oxy dividend did not go up. Is that correct? They made all of this money last quarter and they are not giving it back to the shareholders. That stinks. Sure they are doing buybacks but it isn’t as good as a higher dividend. —  read more 

Oxy earnings date

Why does Oxy always announce their earning so late? It isn’t until mid May. It would be better to just get it out good or bad. This quarter earning are great but like in previous quarters they are always diluted by covid, the fed insanity, and the... —  read more 

Benefits of promotion

I wanted a promotion - until I got promoted. I should have inquired a little better whether it’s really worth getting a promotion. In my case, the promotion was accompanied by a raise that's much lower than I expected, but it brought me an... —  read more 

All this bad news....

Anyone looking at Linkedin lately? All I see are promotions, promotions and more promotions at OXY. Some staff getting a double bump which was as rare as hens teeth back in the day. Looks to me that OXY is putting effort into retaining staff and... —  read more 

Young employees

My friend’s son recently inquired about Oxy. The guy has a really big potential. Although he inquired, Oxy was his last job search option. It is a bit sad that no one so young and talented wants to work here anymore. On the other hand, I am... —  read more 

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