Topics regarding layoffs at Occidental Petroleum Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Occidental Petroleum Corp.

Food for thought

I’ve read a lot of criticism in these threads for those who chose to remain. Calling us lazy, blaming us for the decline of the company, stating that we all deserve what’s coming. Most or all of us realize the direction OXY is headed and the... —  read more 

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Work from home

To those who think working from home eliminates being micromanaged, guess again. Try googling project management with remote workers. There is a whole industry cranking up to micromanage your time and tasks in a remote setting. Maybe you are... —  read more 

Any talks of a new VSP?

The company starts making money on these Oxy VSP’s after a little over one year. Good for PR too because you can claim continuing “synergies” from the merger. There are likely people who would take it now who didn’t take it 2 years ago. —  read more 

How busy are you?

I don’t know if I should panic more when I have too much work or when I have too much free time. How busy is your schedule? Whomever of my colleagues I talk to they say that they have more work to do than ever. My case is that I’ve never had less... —  read more 

Vote her out

Share holders, do your job and vote her out! vote her out vote her out vote her out vote her out vote her out vote her out vote her out vote her out vote her out

Most badly run?

I absolutely agree with someone who said that Oxy is one of the most if not the most badly run oil majors bar none. I worked in another oil major where the situation was similar in terms of management, but here it is certainly worse. However, I do... —  read more 

More productive?

Working from home suits me perfectly, although I know it won’t be able to last forever. Even though the work/ life balance is a little more disturbed now, it suits me much better. I have noticed that I am much more productive. I do things with ease... —  read more 

Permian EOR 6th reorg

Any thoughts on how this new layer of middle managers may help improve the bottom line? Another idea from JB on siloing folks under incompetent yes-mam power-seeking young bosses. Reorg is not done yet but damage is.

King Abbott declaration

So now that our king has declared COVID-19 essentially wiped out Oxy work from home people should go back to work. No masks required. No social distancing required either. This governor is such an id–t and didn’t learn his lesson from last year... —  read more 

Meeting tomorrow

I heard this from a friend that in the meeting tomorrow they are going to declare special bonus for all people. Is this true? It can’t be we just got some declared last week, but ya never know.

VH on CNBC Thursday

Vicki to be interviewed on CNBC Thursday along with John Kerry on clean energy. Hopefully Q&A is prescreened so she doesn’t say anything stupid. In any event, they will blow a lot of CO2 hot air that should be sequestered! 💨

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