Topics regarding layoffs at Occidental Petroleum Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Occidental Petroleum Corp.

Extend WFH

With hospitalizations up and ICUs nearing capacity I hope Oxy reconsiders the September 7th return to work. And to all the naysayers consider the following: this is not about COVID. If you are in a car wreck, have a heat attack, stroke anaphylactic... —  read more 

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Quality of life

How many of you realized that Oxy took over your entire lives at some point? And at what point did you realize your quality of life was more important? Did you find it difficult to scale back? I've been trying to reestablish some work/life balance... —  read more 

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This is becoming ridiculous

Our team has been so overworked lately that we have completely lost any work/life balance - all we have left is work. I'm having issues dealing with it and I'm in my twenties and single. I can't imagine how my older coworkers with families are... —  read more 

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Letter to CEO

Who else is ready to sign a letter saying we are not going back in the office? Not sure about you all but we (Rockies) had been told for months any possible office time would be "hoteling" when needed. We deserve WFH if we can do it. Let's get this... —  read more 

Working at the Office

So far, it seems like it has been a huge waste of time for most of us to come back into the office. Most employees that I interact with still prefer to meet over teams rather than in person. Also, considering the 610 north exit from 59 is closed AND... —  read more 

Just couldn’t wait

I debated on whether to hold out on early retirement (3 years to go) but with the environment being so toxic and my health not what it used to be I decided to leave and make a go of it with another company. I’m doing part-time work that isn’t as... —  read more 

Planning to quit?

I wonder how many people at Oxy intend to quit very soon or by the end of this year? Will there remain anyone who is talented and capable? I hope that none of my colleagues will quit because Oxy doesn't seem to care that these people need to be... —  read more 

Far from ideal

I totally agree with someone who mentioned that many at Oxy not only desire ideal working conditions but think they deserve them. I wouldn’t get much involved in whether they really deserve them or not, nor do I want to say that Oxy doesn’t have a... —  read more 

No new layoff rumors?

Is there any new rumor about layoffs but that it wasn’t made up by some entropy lover? So, no one has any info on whether there will be any major cuts soon or not? Judging by the atmosphere only, there is enough tension as if there could be cuts... —  read more 

Think outside the box

I know quite a few people who are still at Oxy and O&G in general because they don't think their skills are transferable outside of this field. That couldn't be more wrong. If you think outside of the box, you'll see there are plenty of jobs you can... —  read more 

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