Topics regarding layoffs at Occidental Petroleum Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Occidental Petroleum Corp.

Crownrock delay......... I thought the govt would be happy the oil field was getting smaller by the day. Guess they can't make up their minds.

Steve Chazen

This guy was bad for the company in that he did not support international BD. Seems like he wanted to get back at Irani. Yes, for those opposed to this post we can comment about dead people and be OK with it.


Is Oxy offering a VSP program in 2024 concurrent with the new acquisition? There are lots of people who passed it up last time ready for the program now. They deserve it because they stayed to help Oxy with the Anadarko takeover and transition.

Hollub still there? Pitiful.

Oxy. Always has been a loser, and its leadership from CEO to Managers, always lacking and incompetent. Is it even an oil and gas company now, or a green-wannabe? No wonder Chevron did a hard pass. Vicki as CEO still makes me laugh.

Land Department Turnover

Why is there so much turnover in the land department? It seems especially bad lately, are people just unhappy? Seems like quite a few folks are also leaving for renewable energy jobs or oil companies with much better pay.

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