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Rumors that there will be no yearly bonus, and that the quarterly field prod bonus is eliminated. Anyone know if there is any truth to these rumors?

Thank you Vickie!

Thank you to Vickie and the rest of the Oxy executive team. Your sheer stupidity, impatience and greed has allowed me to cash in on Anadarko's generous change of control plan and take an early retirement. Without each of you I'd still be working away... —  read more 


Does anyone know when W2s will be available online or mailed out?

I'm just wondering...

Has anybody who left Oxy on their own regretted that decision? I'm considering quitting but I'd lie if I said I was not nervous and worried that I might end up regretting it down the line. It would be nice to know others who did the same thing are... —  read more 

When will we be able to relax?

Everybody keeps saying that layoffs are done for now, but I still feel like we are nowhere done and they'll surprise us with another round before this week is done. Which means that my stress levels are not going down, but increasing. Does... —  read more 

VH gets herself BS PR, while Oxy staff gets pink slips

So much BS in this article, she might as well work at a dairy farm shoveling it, instead of being a astronomically paid CEO with a golden parachute. https://www.cnn.com/2020/01/10/business/vicki-hollub-occidental-risk-takers/index.html

If you’re leaving OXY where would you go?

For this looking to leave OXY, what company’s / industries do you think would offer better opportunities. I’m not an OXY fan boy but as I’m preparing to take my VSP in August, I’m not seeing a lot of comparable salaries and benefits. I’d like to hear... —  read more 

A bit of hyperbole

I understand this situation is not exactly ideal, but I don’t think we have had as deep of cuts as people around here are making it out to be. What % of the “combined company” have actually been let go through VSP/Layoffs? Not as many as there ought... —  read more 

With last weeks toilet flushes, what next??!

With the deserved karma for Oxy staff last week, will we see any kind of improvement from the remaining members of the company? With ethics, integrity and doing whats right suddenly become option sin the new organization? Given the ignorance to... —  read more 

Colombia hit

VH said internatiknal non-US payroll wouldnt be much affectes today they laid off more than15 people in Colombia, our BU is just. A few hundred employees so it wasnt as little as expeced. We ahre down to the bone on head cound for the last couple of... —  read more 

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VH doesnt cut jobs ?

“If you cut a lot of employees, you might reduce your costs by $1 or $1.50 per barrel,” Hollub said. Instead of chasing those incremental cost reductions, Hollub put her people to work cutting into the company’s finding and development costs, she... —  read more 

Media Coverage


Automation Specialist - Why I declined

Oxy is laying off people, imagine that. I declined a job with these guys based solely on their reputation of hard to work for and keeping the hanger on'er butt kissers and laying off or firing the people that actually can do the job!

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So far from what I have heard 7 laid off from Denver City, TX. Not sure why everyone keeps calling it Denver? Muleshoe had quite a few not sure how many. Anton got hit pretty hard as well as Levelland. Sounds like Hobbs, NM and... —  read more 

Maverick Basin Layoffs ?

Does anyone know if they are hitting Maverick Basin ? After the email everyone went silent and we are just running around like chickens without heads over here.

Booked conference rooms in GW5

4th floor (HR) conference rooms in GW5 are all booked all day Wednesday thru Friday. Hopefully it doesn’t take that long. Waiting s—s. Just get it over with.

Time to move. Need opinion

I have a PhD in engineering. Have been with Oxy/APC for two years as an entry level engineer (not staff). I think I’m underpaid. Different websites support this. Now that layoffs are here, what do you think a fair salary should be for me in case I... —  read more 

Panic Mode

It’s full panic mode now with lay-offs in progress while SAP is rolling out. Drama.


Heard bonuses will payout at end of February. Can anyone confirm and know how bonus amount will be determined for legacy APC?

New vacation policy is bad

I am really upset with the new PTO. I mean who TF thinks that rolling all medical time into one time is good idea? On top of that such people suggested and executed such s&$&ty policy. On average you have 3 dentist 2-3 medical and about 4-5 sick days... —  read more 

PTO for 2020?

What's going to happen with PTO for 2020? We are less than 2 weeks away from the end of the year. Are they going to make an announcement during the holidays? If we get to January with no announcement does that mean legacy Oxy keeps their plan and... —  read more 


When will we get reimbursed? Does Oxy reimburse? I tried calling the hotline for reimbursement and nobody could tell me about reimbursement. Reimbursement is being overlooked and I just need to know when I'm getting reimbursed. Did anyone get... —  read more 

Advice for early and middle career engineers

I never post here but thought it could be great forum to ask. What advice do you guys wanna give to early and middle career engineers at Oxy? Haven’t seen a lot of people leaving or being let go, so is this just beginning? Is it worth waiting... —  read more 

Vacation Policy

Any word on the new Vacation/PTO/Sick day policy? It is December and we still haven’t heard a peep regarding the combined PTO policy. The way that OXY has handled this acquisition is completely mind blowing. Us legacy Anadarko employees are watching... —  read more 

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Africa incentive

Former APC EVP MI will receive additional $1MM per each Africa transaction: Moz, Algeria, Ghana. One step further from G&A saving

Karma for VH

Can’t wait to see the picture of her with a cardboard box of her stuff with the door behind her closing. Massive screwup and the end of this always failing company. Hope Chevron buys us at the fire sale, for a dollar.

VSP/WES email

I received an email that my VSP was approved last Friday, but now I am hearing that emails were sent "out of order" and that I should have received an offer for a position at WES before the "VSP approved" email. I was on the fence about staying on... —  read more 

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