Topics regarding layoffs at Occidental Petroleum Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Occidental Petroleum Corp.


Anyone hear more on the fully remote WFH option, whether it’ll be company wide and how much of a pay cut those opting for it will have to take?

Grade increase

Is there a larger raise with a grade level increase? On average, annual raises have been between 2 and 3% from I've heard and experienced. If I get a grade increase with my annual raise, would it be a higher raise overall, like 5%? Bonus target... —  read more 

Shall I consider OXY or no?

Please share your honest opinion. I am applying for a job in unconventional and wants to know what is the culture looks like. Is it really overwhelming environment that I need to work in weekends? Is it a toxic culture? Thank you all.


Noticed that Oxy has the title “fellow” associated with people. Is this a new level? Are there any criteria for obtaining this title? Did it come from Anadarko? Speculating it is like a chief title.


Why are they still on denial about inflation? Cash cost per barrel target is so low. Set unachievable targets then employees get punished for not reaching them.


I feel for our children, grandkids, and their children in the future with the amount they will be taxed, and their ability to get jobs that keep up with inflation. I was going to retire in 2023, but now I am sticking with it until I get chased off or... —  read more 

Please hand it over.

Oxy! Please oh pretty please hand over your well deserved profits to the consumers who don’t even buy your product directly. If that is not possible then give it to the shareholders. If you don’t want the shareholders to have it then invest it in... —  read more 

Thank you for Bonus!

Thank you Vicki for the special bonus. You get a lot of negative comments on this website but we appreciate you and thank you for the work that you have done this year. Oxy is stronger than ever. The future is bright!

Better off or worse

Is Oxy a better company now because of the APC acquisition, worse, or did the acquisition make little difference? I’m thinking in terms of shareholders, finances, operations, personnel, long term, etc.

Oxy vs BP vs Chevron

Please I will need your help in deciding which of the above companies to go with. Their offers are similar but I am a little bit confuse as to which one of them which offer better job stability during a low oil price environment without worrying much... —  read more 

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