Topics regarding layoffs at Occidental Petroleum Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Occidental Petroleum Corp.

Return to work

Is the RTW enforced strictly this time or it’s same wishy washy like last time? I just don’t want to be back in office without questions and find out whole floor is WFH. What are you hearing?

Oxy is hiring again!

What it says: Occidental is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, s-x, age, marital status, political preference, se-ual... —  read more 

Please tune up the kayak!

Any prediction on when Vicki will finally paddle her kayak off to the glue factory? Because the stock will pop and money could be made on call options. That is the only thing that will move this stock much above $30 since $75 oil obviously isn't... —  read more 

KPMG Full Time WFH

KPMG is allowing its employees full time WFH going forward. Seems like a great way to recruit away everyone else’s accountants and finance professionals. Hopefully OXY follows suit.

September layoffs

There was talk about September layoffs but from what I can see nothing has happened so far. Since the end of the month is near, can that rumor be put to rest? Or has anybody heard anything new and we might be seeing cuts next week? I feel that... —  read more 

Vaccine Mandates for Work

So the govt is going to make us all get vaccines to come into work. Yet as I watch football games across the country hundreds of thousands of fans sit less than a foot apart. This is both the NFL and NCAA as well as MLB. It is all across the country... —  read more 

WFH future..............

It sure would be nice if we could WFH and live in a different town. I am about tired of this heat from May-Sept. Thinking out of the box I wonder if HR could come up with regional salaries that are adjusted to your location. It might be a way to save... —  read more 

Social tests for layoffs

Does anyone know if the company checks for the relative number of conservatives and liberals in a lay-off. Liberals at Oxy Texas locations probably stick out like sore thumbs compared to Conservatives.

Louisiana / GOM

Let’s all take a minute to pray for and thank the OxyChem employees at chemical plants in Louisiana - Geismar, Convent and Taft as well as the GOM employees and contractors as they deal with the hurricane preparations and ride out the storm to ensure... —  read more 

Setup for mediocrity

I can’t help but notice that Oxy, unlike what it was a few years ago, is now a perfect setting for mediocrities. I have talked to some acquaintances in other companies in the industry and it turns out that Oxy is not unique in that regard... —  read more 


No. No we aren’t. We are co-workers. Enough with this “our most valuable asset is our employees” and “we are family” kumbaya “Imagine” nonsense. We are co-workers trying to deliver a profitable product so that we can afford to raise our REAL... —  read more 

September Shuffle Excerpt below from a little article… I really like the way they wrote how we all feel. Thank you OXY for all the flexibility! If we can ask for... —  read more 

I can't go back to WFH

Not because I don't like it but the opposite. It took everything I had to continue coming to the office as soon as people started returning because my manager indicated that doing otherwise would not be looked upon favorably. If I were to go back to... —  read more 

Expectations on WFH?

I think many people want to work from home after the VH email, but are worried on a functional level ie how it will be perceived by their group (I.e supply chain, or land senior management). I guess my question is, are there different expectations on... —  read more 

So explain to me..........

President Biden just said he was starting a commission to over see Oil Companies to make sure the price of gas goes down when the price of oil goes down. He is also calling on OPEC to produce more to keep the cost per gallon down in the US. You would... —  read more 

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