Topics regarding layoffs at Gulfport Energy Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Gulfport Energy Corp.

New CEO = Layoffs

Layoffs happening this week (2/27-3/3) follow the late January announcement of GPOR's new CEO. Layoffs to mostly leadership roles have been reported and rumored.

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Gulfport for sale?

Read that GPOR is having meaningful conversations with an investment banker exploring strategic options including a possible sale of the company.

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Employment with Land Brokers

People laid off from land should contact brokers on the Gulfport approved vendors’ list for work. I’ve noticed that many land brokers Gulfport used received multiple huge loans from the Federal Government PPP. Western Land Services received nearly... — read more 

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Chapter 7?

Word is our assets our so worthless that no one else wants them. Let's hope we don't have to padlock our offices like Parsley. Parsley employees, when the sale was announced, were told all their jobs would be protected. Now they are all fired. ... — read more 

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Securities Fraud

What happened to the securities fraud investigation? On February 27, 2020, Gulfport disclosed that its previously issued financial statements for the three and nine months ended September 30, 2019 "should no longer be relied upon due to material... — read more 

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Ohio Supreme Court ruling

The Ohio Supreme Court ruled today on West v Bode, holding that both the DMA and the MTA may be applied to settling disputed severed minerals. This could impact the validity of producing leases GPOR operates.

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GPOR just went through a round of layoffs. Gutted the land department. Other disciplines cut, as well. Sounds like severance packages were reasonable. Bets are bankruptcy before the end of 2020.

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Big Cuts

Now the media is picking it up, I know it was discussed here before:

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Michael Moore gone!

Nice to see Gulfport made the WAJ today with the news of Michael Moore being forced to step down as CEO. Evidently another CEO doesn’t understand the difference between personal and company affairs to the time of $649,200. So nice of GPOR to pay Mike... — read more 

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HR notice

Yes we all know our current position in regards to the new 788 bill that passed. However I have just obtained my confirmation that my application was accepted. I am sure that HR is prepared to enforce their policy as well as I am prepared for my day... — read more 

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Medical cannabis

I was talking to my attorney today about the new medical cannabis law and according to him Gulf Port won’t be able to do anything. The new Oklahoma law has some priveledges that most other states did not afford and since Gulf Port is not a federal... — read more 

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Gulfport is in trouble.

GP continues to set new 52 weeks lows, daily. Can they afford the new building, a $1.8 B acquisition, rig commitments in OK and continue to drill OH at today's gas prices with less hedging at lower pricing. Is this CHK, act 2? They even named their... — read more 

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