Topics regarding layoffs at Rice Energy Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Rice Energy Inc.

How many are still there?

I left Rice Energy before the acquisition but I know there were some layoffs at that time on our side. I was wondering how many people ended up being shown the door and how many left on their own since then? From what I've heard, the place hasn't... —  read more 

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Dont trust kool-aid drinkers

Cuts are happening. Big cuts... Source: Days after EQT Corp. completed its $6.7 billion acquisition of fellow... —  read more 

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Good Luck!

Good Luck to everyone. Not sure where everyone will end up until after the smoke clears and dust settles. It has been an interesting ride.

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Non compete

Does EQT have a non compete clause for all employees? Or just specific positions. Land and Engineers? I have heard those have non compete clauses.

10% of Rice

It's interesting that EQT would only take 10% of Rice. Rice developed into a large successful company, quickly that part of it has to be because of their employees. Wonder why EQT is not impressed with Rice employees??

Fourth quarter is coming!

So, 4th quarter starts soon... Anyone got any idea when this thing is going to close? Feels like it's been years since the deal was inked. Longest summer EVAR. Let's get this transition started. I've heard everything from October 24th through... —  read more 

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Severance Package

I am grateful and thankful that Rice was thoughtful in the generous severance package that has been offered. It is a blessing as many people with other companies are not even offered one when faced with a layoff. However, i will admit I am going a... —  read more 

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Are 80% being laid off?

I have heard that maybe only 20% of rice folks will land at EQT. So if they layoff 80%, then they will have to file the WARN notice w the state. That will be posted online and indicate how many will be affected and when. The warn notice needs to be... —  read more 

What we know:

We all know layoffs are coming... here is a post where we can compile what we know and rumors we have heard at the office regarding the layoffs.

WARN Act/60 day notice

June 19th was just a notice that there would be a merger. Does that constitute a "warning /notice" of a layoff? (WARN Act, employer with over 100 employees must give 60 day notice of a layoff/closing) Per page 77 of the S4 filing, third bullet point... —  read more 

Time for the real world

It will be interesting to see where all of the people at Rice who don't really work but touch the right set of balls will end up. These people cannot survive in a Corporate environment like EQT. Not sure how some of them get to work by themselves... —  read more 

EQT article Jana believes EQT would thrive if it focused solely on exploration and production, and believes the Rice deal's delay and tax structure pose problems, according to the source. The... —  read more 

This was long time coming

Although it is a shame to see another Marcellus company disappear, and a few decent people lose there jobs R.I.C.E. employees had to be blind not to see this coming. I mean there has rarely been a company out there with so much smoke blown up there... —  read more 

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