Thread regarding Rice Energy Inc. layoffs

WARN Act/60 day notice

June 19th was just a notice that there would be a merger. Does that constitute a "warning /notice" of a layoff? (WARN Act, employer with over 100 employees must give 60 day notice of a layoff/closing)

Per page 77 of the S4 filing, third bullet point. Rice considered the expectation that many of Rice employees would not be retained by EQT.

below is bullet point from S4 filing page 77.

• Rice Employees. The Rice board considered the expectation that many Rice employees will not be retained by EQT following completion of the merger.

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More like a millenial w a reading comprehension problem.

I think the "45-year old" is employed while the "30-year old" is about to be fired.


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"EQT must not be interested in the majority of millenial snowflakes working there."

LOL. Sounds like some 45 year old is sad to lose his job to a 30 year old. Have fun on unemployment grandpa.

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Whoa whoa whoa. Stop the clock. Stop the clock.

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NO notice was filed. Person was questioning if one would be filed.

I would assume EQT has a number already drummed up on how many they will retain at Rice.

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It's over, Johnny, it's OVAH!

If Rice filed the WARN notice, then there will be a MAJOR layoff. EQT must not be interested in the majority of millenial snowflakes working there.

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