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Noble acquired Rosetta Resources - that's it for now.

Noble Energy Closes Acquisition of Rosetta Resources › news-releases › news-release-details › Houston , July 20, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Noble Energy, Inc. ("Noble Energy") (NYSE: NBL) today announced that the... —  read more 

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Thankful ROSE is no longer

I have never been glad in my entire life to have a job change. Everything at Noble is not perfect, nothing is. Noble is a real company with real structure and processes. Everything at ROSE was just winged. I might not be happy about so much process... —  read more 

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Noble is 10 times better of a company than Rosetta could ever become. I am sure my journey as a Noble employee will not be without its ups and

Noble is 10 times better of a company than Rosetta could ever become. I am sure my journey as a Noble employee will not be without its ups and downs. But, I am so glad that this buyout happened. I finally feel that I work for a corporation that is in... —  read more 

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Checked in with both sides

I talked to several people laid off. All of them were very happy with their situation. One guy was looking to buy a swank vacation home and another guy was going to buy a luxury set of wheels. It seems like they want to spend the money before they... —  read more 

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Severance pay

any x Rosers want to share severance package information? curious as to how it compares with the Noble one

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Knew many of those laid off

The people laid off from Rosetta for the most part where the right ones. Many were way over paid for the job they were doing and some just did not know how to do the job. Finally those people are long gone and probably eating a little humble pie... —  read more 

Noble rocks

awesome that Rose is dead and I am going over to NBL, if I could just get rid of my boss the world would be perfect

Excited about transferring over to Noble

This is the absolute best thing that could happen to me and all the ROSE employees. Finally, a company that understands finance. This reverse engineering into "a number" had to stop. The team that evaluated the Permian acquisition was send back to... —  read more 

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My condolences Rosetta employees

Unfortunately you were merged into a piss poor company. Poorly managed, underachieving in just about every measurable area. Maybe you were excited about his when first announced... you will soon realize that Noble is a lousy company. If you are a... —  read more 

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