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Salary cut or layoffs?

Somebody mentioned that Husky could avoid laying people off by instituting a pay cut across the board, and it got me wondering if that's something people might prefer to layoffs? I know there are those who consider themselves safe, but I honestly... —  read more 

Next week

Am I the only one who thinks corporate layoffs are coming next week? I haven't heard anything concrete, but it's a lot of small thing that seem to be coming together to indicate it. Personally, the sooner they get it over with, the better. I... —  read more 

300 layoffs expected

Just heard from someone whom I may not name, 300 full time staff would lose their jobs on October 6, or October 20, 2020. Packages are all made and HR is fully ready at this point.

October Layoffs?

Now that most of us in the Calgary HO are back in the office, there is talk that the primary reason we are all back–and why Husky was so eager to have us back–is to prepare for another round of layoffs next month. Word is that folks from Hutchison... —  read more 

Big layoffs 2020

Husky are laying off another 10% of employees/contractors. They are not renewing contractors contracts this year. In the last week alone I have seen 4 people leave the office with all of their belongings. Many more cuts to come over the next... —  read more 

Cutting 2020 Spend

Well, not a great start to 2020 for Husky. Company is looking to cut ~$1B in 2020 spend following the oil market collapse today. Planned to spend ~$3B in 2020, so this is significant and I am guessing we will see another round of layoffs. Good luck... —  read more 

Husky Layoffs

Their president Rob Peabody has destroyed the Company. Ruthlessly throwing people into the streets. While under his watch the company spewed millions of barrels of oil into a Saskatchewan river, Spilled oil offshore NFLD, was sanctioned for not... —  read more 

News just broke...

Here is the coverage by The 660 so far: Hundreds of layoffs at Husky The full statement from Kim Guttormson with Husky Energy is as follows: Today we did have to... —  read more 

How many?

Any ideas on how many total are being shown the door? And has everybody been notified and/or scheduled for a meeting or are notifications still going out? I'm personally hoping they get it over with today. I've been stressing more than enough... —  read more 

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