Topics regarding layoffs at Husky Energy Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Husky Energy Inc.

What's new?

It’s been three months since I went to another company and now that I’ve visited the forum to see if anything has improved here in the meantime, there’s no information. It's suddenly become very quiet here. Hmmm

How are you holding up?

Now that some time has gone by, I wanted to come back here and check how are those who remained at the company post-merger doing? Has the situation improved or worsen? Have there been any additional layoffs? For the sake of my old coworkers, I hope... — read more 

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What Will Be Your Legacy?

Working at WFG: Employee Reviews | By far the best best company to work for! Tons of flexibility, family oriented, great compensation, training, honest people and you get out of the business what you ...

March 2021

The director in procurement seemed to protect his kith and kin who has no real job portfolios. This has brought about apprehension to the team. We are simply not focused on the job. Waiting to see the outcome of March cuts. Hopefully then we can... — read more 

It Is All About Choices

I just learned that it was my Director who made the final decision. Two downstream accountants: One been employed over a decade. One not. One with extensive downstream experience. One not. One is quite pretty. One not. Guess which one is... — read more 

Fairweather Friends ??

I was one of the long term employees terminated on January 26th. To those of you who made it through the first round I say: Why do you not reach out? Why do you ignore on Linkedin? There's no guarantee you won't be next.

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Technical Authority

Technical Authority - start applying for positions prior to March 23rd: Corrosion & Materials Engineer @ CNRL Integrity Engineer @ Pembina Piping Specialist @ Bantrel Rotating Equipment @ Petronas Instrumentation @ Interpipe

Thank You Jeff Hart

A sincere thank you Jeff. Received my payment today. Even after taxes it is enough for me to pay off my mortgage. I've got a lead on a management position at a green energy company. Constructive Dismissal was the right option for my family.

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End of an Era

End of an era: Say no to ten thousand thermals that pollute fresh water in SK. Say no to WCS. Say no to money losing producing ethanol. Say yes to FSG.

HLU Employees Join A Union

Cenovus intends to switch FCCL feedstock for SGS at the HLU. But the upgrader was never designed for such a corrosive feedstock. So unless Cenovus plans to invest tons of money in better metallurgy, the number of corrosion related leaks will only... — read more 

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Another 400 By Valentine's Day

ARTC (Government of Alberta) has been advised of an additional 400 severances to be issued from now and February 14. Departments affected will include IT, Upstream, SOI&E, and Procurement at Legacy Husky.

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2020 bonus

Anyone know what the 2020 bonus is looking like based on their severance package? My understanding is that those let go received the bonus in their package.

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Layoffs were not Equal

I don't work for either company but know people at both. Sounds like CVE didn't get hit hard at all and Husky took the brunt of it. One CVE person said no one in his group (aboriginal affairs) was let go but 4 from Husky side were gone. CVE Land... — read more 

This makes me so angry

Sorry to hear that a lot of the technical subsurface people at Husky were let go. Not too many technical subsurface people on the CVE side were let go. In fact, many half wits it seemed got promoted today. And I mean half wits. ...... Read this... — read more 

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tic, toc, tic, toc...

Husky Energy employee here... Today, January 26 is the cull day, it's almost noon and haven't gotten that dread call from HR or heard of a coworker from my department getting the boot yet, maybe some other groups have already but they tend to keep a... — read more 

What happened today?

I am from Suncor and I am curious to know what’s happening with other companies in downtown... it’s pretty stressful for all of us... Would appreciate if someone can share what’s going on with Husky and groups being impacted the most ... stay... — read more 

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