Thread regarding Husky Energy Inc. layoffs

What happened today?

I am from Suncor and I am curious to know what’s happening with other companies in downtown... it’s pretty stressful for all of us...
Would appreciate if someone can share what’s going on with Husky and groups being impacted the most ...
stay strong everyone and hopefully these days will pass and over soon

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Let’s cry and whine. Let’s face it we are in a bust right now. All those who didn’t save during the boom it’s your loss. All those waiting the crazy salaries you made on strip clubs and gambling it’s your loss. This isn’t something we can blame Ottawa for. We put all our eggs in one basket and messed up.

Jason Kenny messed up again.

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Not sure what Suncor Managment has in mind, the 1900 number they said is not happening yet... at least in Subsurface technical no change happens yet... I hear some changes are going to start around March time , but I guess that depends how crude price looks like by then

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The days of oil is gone. We are in another bust cycle. Hopefully everyone saved over the years.
Makes it worst during a pandemic even if we move out of province other industries are hurting not just oil and gas.

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Nothing happened yet really except to some VPs, SVPs, a few directors. Next week is the big cull. It’s affecting all areas of the company. Some groups will remain for awhile to transition and then they will get hacked too. They have to realize $500 million in cost savings that is going to come from staff. They need to cut about 2100 people, so I expect a large chunk of that will be next week.

What’s going on at Suncor?

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There is no Dana, only Zuul.

Err I mean there is no Husky, only Cenovus.

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