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Does the advance notice even exist?

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I was affected in the March round and I was with subsurface thermal team on Husky side.
The March communication said some staff would get advanced notice of their termination ( I guess for some roles that the company thinks transition of responsibilities is required) but everyone I know was terminated the same day.
Anyone knows or heard of the advanced notice thing was even true ? If so for which teams or roles and how much advance notice was provided if any ?

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I’m sorry you were let go. Executive told management they were to tell people if they were being let go in advance “if possible”. What a bunch of bs. How is management supposed to tell people “hey, sorry, but we’re going to be letting you go in 4-8 weeks but could you please keep giving it your all in the meantime.” How the F is that supposed to work exactly?
Hey Cenovus HR management - if you’re reading this - how stupid are you guys? On what planet does that actually work?
Again, really sorry you got laid off. I wish you all the best. Please take care.

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