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Thank You Jeff Hart

A sincere thank you Jeff. Received my payment today. Even after taxes it is enough for me to pay off my mortgage. I've got a lead on a management position at a green energy company. Constructive Dismissal was the right option for my family.

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It does not surprise me the lack of credentials comment. IT kept the worst leader (Director), a guy without education, no credentials, everybody hates him. As I read here, Do not trust the fat guy he will eat your food.

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Well how is it fair that leads and superintendents with grade 10 education at Husky get 40 k in bonuses? Doesn’t senior management check their credentials? At least have grade 12?

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I remember as a manager we always tried to give admin and technicians their full bonus to top them up, as the comment below is very accurate. Their bonuses were closer to $5K vs an engineer at $20k+ so we always maxed them out. Easy to justify when you ask yourself who probably needs it more. It’s important to stop for a moment and make sure we don’t become what we criticize (i.e. like our greedy senior leadership).

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Husky has a history in letting go smart people. They were a nuissance for the political games.
obscure ways of promoting people to manager positions, including skirt shortening.. been there saw that. Gland Im out. It was toxic

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Don’t worry, Big N was heard talking about how he will be replacing Jeff soon. It’s going to happen.

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This is really hard to read. I'm not sure if this is real or just to make others feel bad. Reading others posts about bonus & payouts & how great they are is really hard to swallow.

I know we are all Oil and Gas, & for the most part we should be thankful for the opportunities that we have been given & don't get me wrong I am.

There were some great years for many of us, both with compensation but also in the satisfaction of a great job, team & for some of us we actually used to be proud of where we worked. Those years are long gone for me & most of those I have worked with.

The smart ones have been frugal with their money, but there is a major disconnect between the different levels of people at both CVE & I assume Husky. For those that are not the upper levels of teams, or management life is not as rosy.

If your a lowly support staff person there is a major discrepancy between the way you are treated.

Right from the opportunities for job advancement, to education & training opportunities even the BS of where you can have your desk & how big your space can be. But most especially for your compensation.

For those that are complaining about the $20, 000 bonus discrepancy vs the six figure discrepancy. I agree, but why don't you look at those below you? Try watching others do the same work you do but you get a great bonus of $ 5000.00 or your LTI"s are capped at 900 ( total grant) & your severance package?

Oh yeah.. I really do hope they treated you well because everyone should get the best they can. I don't wish ill upon anyone.

Please remember when you have that golden parachute that those on the bottom are barely getting 2 weeks per year severance (base salary not total comp) & that's if they are lucky. (with over 15 years with the company) With your benefits cut off immediately. These support people that I'm speaking of work hard, have little opportunity for advancement & get screwed over time & again.
The final kick out the door is no different. If I'm lucky my payout will cover 2.5 months on what I''m betting is a very different lifestyle than yours.

There is nobody left to fight for them.

There should be a consistent and fair severance for all. It shouldn't be like haggling for a c-appy used car.

I really do hope that you did well. For those of you still standing, look after each other & remember not every one gets treated as well as you do.

Good luck everyone.

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