Topics regarding layoffs at Imperial Oil Limited

Topics regarding layoffs at Imperial Oil Limited

Nice office

Each time I pass by Quarry Park I see this nice office. I’m a Finance professional who lives closeby. I wish Imperial could change its “imperial” hiring practices. Why I can’t get a job there unless I’m a student of a wealthy family? — read more 

Where is my cut

Imperial Oil share prices went through the roof in recent months. This is in part because of the sweat and tears that we have put in this company as employees. So, should we not get a stake in the gains? Why should only the upper management be... — read more 

Experienced hire

I am getting offered role in Calgary in Engineering for 20% bump compared to what I make now. Friend told me to read this page. Little concerned now, can people tell me what to expect. I need to give answer back by end of the week. I am not unhappy... — read more 

Need to compare

Had enough of this beating around the bush! I am 18 years in Imperial Oil, CL26 and my salary is $154,000. In terms of CL and salary I thing I am lagging behind. Can someone kindly help me figure out how much I am lagging behind? Any reference point... — read more 

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2% Salary Adjustment

In an inflationary market, pleAse tell me who gives a 2% salary adjustment. This is like giving a demotion, and reducing salary. Don’t know what to say. If possible, kindly share the average salary adjustment across the company for this year. I... — read more 

Attrition Rate

In the old days, people like Eddi Luie used to share the attrition rate in the company. Does the new management do that any more? Based on what I read here, and hear from my friends, it would be a disaster!!!

Severance package amount

Can any ex-employees over here who left the company after receiving a severance package share the amount they received or a range at least? I know that severance packages are based on years of service, age, and other factors, so its not an apple to... — read more 

Pension Payout

I quit just over 3 months ago after working nearly 20 years for IOL. I'm still waiting for info from them about my pension payout options. I was younger than 55 when I quit. How long does it usually take for them to send this out?

Now what?

So I had a major health issue and was told by 7 doctors not to return to work at Imperial. SunLife declined to pay long term disabilty. Union won't do anything. Lawyer sent a couple of appeal letters to SunLife but then gave up. Not once has... — read more 

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Attrition doesn't slow down

It has literally become a guessing game of who will leave our team next. People are continuously leaving and there are no signs that attrition will at least slow down any time soon. I don't know if there is even a way this company can retain... — read more 

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TMTS....and so it begins....

Managers are too chicken to even give their direct reports a heads up. These asian clones just show up at site and managemet expects you to do the data transfer. Bring out the data sync cable ppl. Good luck getting ppl to train their job away.

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All managers are awful

Some managers and team leads are absolute bullies. They are inhuman and ruthless. There's no need to use "some" in this context. All managers are bullies. We used to have good managers but they were driven out because they were not good fits for... — read more 

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