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Speak out anonymously, i did

Hey all – I'm a reporter at Business Insider, where I cover the energy industry. I've written a lot about Exxon (see the link to my bio below). I'm looking for more folks who are interested in talking about their experience with the company... —  read more 

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What is IOL’s plan

I know IOL is always looking at XOM to tell them what to do, but still thought someone in IOL might have some idea of what is going on. Is there anyone in this chain with any internal info on what Kearl and Cold Lake will do?


How many people have already been let go? Can they achieve the numbers they need just by letting go the People who got NSI and put on PIP?

Quietly laid off!

Many of my colleagues have been quietly laid off from Imperial Oil over the last month. All were long term, technical, smart and hard-working. Not a peep on this site. Weird?

COVID19 Layoffs

Due to Covid 19 and low oil prices (Saudi vs Russia). Any layoffs are coming? They will have to reduce their operation expenses.

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2015 Layoffs at Imperial Oil

Imperial Oil runs very lean. With prices dropping, it'll run even more lean. We have a large workload relative to the amount of people on each site and you should be aware of that - that is the reason why you dont see many layoffs as we cannot afford... —  read more 

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