Topics regarding layoffs at Imperial Oil Limited

Topics regarding layoffs at Imperial Oil Limited

Now what?

So I had a major health issue and was told by 7 doctors not to return to work at Imperial. SunLife declined to pay long term disabilty. Union won't do anything. Lawyer sent a couple of appeal letters to SunLife but then gave up. Not once has... —  read more 

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TMTS....and so it begins....

Managers are too chicken to even give their direct reports a heads up. These asian clones just show up at site and managemet expects you to do the data transfer. Bring out the data sync cable ppl. Good luck getting ppl to train their job away.

All managers are awful

Some managers and team leads are absolute bullies. They are inhuman and ruthless. There's no need to use "some" in this context. All managers are bullies. We used to have good managers but they were driven out because they were not good fits for... —  read more 


With talks of layoffs and cuts, we need to unionize. Many crown corps and government offices have unions, and the pay and job security are decent. This includes office workers (CL25 and below).

Imperial Forum

A few things I learned after the forum: Management is way out of touch with reality. Record high inflation, attrition, but no bonuses? We are Imperial Oil so we won't follow the same pay bonus as Exxon but will literally do everything else like... —  read more 

Sounds familiar?

An arrogant manager with a big ego who constantly devalues other people's work for reasons known only to himself. All he does is pretend to be doing something useful, while at the same time demoralizing people more competent than himself, who end... —  read more 

Completing a PIP

Has anyone been put on a PIP and not lost their job? I was highly ranked and the last few years was ranked Very Good, then Good, and now NSI with PIP. Also, anyone with severance info would be great. I feel like this is inevitable.

Feeling underpaid

Considering the amount of work I do, I am underpaid. Have you compared your salary with that of some competing companies? I did and that made me even more demoralized. It seems that if you want to be adequately compensated the only solution is to... —  read more 

Upstream Headcount Reduction

Did I hear it correctly from our Upstream VP that, engineering will be trimmed in size by 10%?? And the 10% reduction is AFTER including the new hires from now till 2025?? Can someone please enlighten me if I got the message correctly!!

More campus deadweight

I was yesterday-years old when I found out that there’s an actual CSF group. Can someone tell me how these clowns directly contribute to the bottom line? Sounds like easy target for outsourcing or just getting rid of completely.

Is this legal?

I report to American leaders (yes, that’s plural) who report to American managers (yes, again plural) who report to American VPs (yep, plural again). When I say Americans, I mean that they’re located at EM in the US! How is this legal in Canada? —  read more 

Change the signs to EM

This is not Imperial Oil anymore. Let’s be honest and change the signs to ExxonMobil. Imperial managers only goal is to keep their EM bosses happy so they can move on and get well ranked. They will drive BTC targets and reduce local head count to... —  read more 

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