Topics regarding layoffs at Imperial Oil Limited

Topics regarding layoffs at Imperial Oil Limited

Completing a PIP

Has anyone been put on a PIP and not lost their job? I was highly ranked and the last few years was ranked Very Good, then Good, and now NSI with PIP. Also, anyone with severance info would be great. I feel like this is inevitable.

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Feeling underpaid

Considering the amount of work I do, I am underpaid. Have you compared your salary with that of some competing companies? I did and that made me even more demoralized. It seems that if you want to be adequately compensated the only solution is to... —  read more 

Upstream Headcount Reduction

Did I hear it correctly from our Upstream VP that, engineering will be trimmed in size by 10%?? And the 10% reduction is AFTER including the new hires from now till 2025?? Can someone please enlighten me if I got the message correctly!!

More campus deadweight

I was yesterday-years old when I found out that there’s an actual CSF group. Can someone tell me how these clowns directly contribute to the bottom line? Sounds like easy target for outsourcing or just getting rid of completely.

Is this legal?

I report to American leaders (yes, that’s plural) who report to American managers (yes, again plural) who report to American VPs (yep, plural again). When I say Americans, I mean that they’re located at EM in the US! How is this legal in Canada? —  read more 

Change the signs to EM

This is not Imperial Oil anymore. Let’s be honest and change the signs to ExxonMobil. Imperial managers only goal is to keep their EM bosses happy so they can move on and get well ranked. They will drive BTC targets and reduce local head count to... —  read more 

Getting rid of good people

How many people do you know who were PIPed because they deserved it? I know quite a few who were put on a PIP and out of all of them, I'd say one or two cases were justified. All the others were good people who've been doing their jobs the same way... —  read more 

Severance Pay

If an employee hands in their resignation I've heard from most sources that the employee is usually escorted off-site the same day. If that happens, how much pay would IOL be owing the employee? I know the exact day when I want to resign 18 months... —  read more 

Severance with PIP

I got PIPed this year and after reading through here, I imagine I will be separated come end of year. My supervisor was unable to give any legitimate reason for the NSI ranking and PIP, and my coworkers have all verified that my performance has been... —  read more 


There have been a lot of EM posts about CS&I and reorgs to consolidate EMRE, downstream and chemicals. I am wondering if that is contained in the US or impacts ESC and technical folks at sites in Canada. Thanks for the help.

8% Workforce Reduction in December

8% of the Imperial Oil workforce are getting there PDS now as NSI. These people will be let go right before Christmas. This is in alignment with ExxonMobil CEO’s promise to his shareholders to reduce workforce by 14K by the end of 2022.

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Know your worth

A bottle of water in the supermarket is worth approximately 0.80 cents. The same bottle in the sign or bottling costs $2.00. In a good restaurant or hotel can be worth up to 3 or 4 dollars At an airport or even inside a plane, up to $5.00 you may... —  read more 

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