Topics regarding layoffs at Kinder Morgan Energy Partners L.P.

Topics regarding layoffs at Kinder Morgan Energy Partners L.P.

Hybrid schedule gone

So it seems upper management is not happy with the hybrid work week and claiming people are not working like they are supposed to. This was a trial period to see if they keep this schedule. Such an outdated company in general with management style... —  read more 

Vaccine Mandate?

What is Kinder Morgan's current stance on unvaccinated employees? Are they considering a mandate? I have a feeling I will be looking for a job in the very near future

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There is no holiday cheer

I was let go a few days ago. I went home and had to tell my wife and children while they were making plans for Thanksgiving. I could see the worry on my wife’s face. She just said it would be okay and I know we will be. We’ve got savings and she... —  read more 

Are we done with Layoffs?

Does anyone know if we are done with them or is it still ongoing? Can someone provide what locations were hit, BUs, and how they were notified? I’m still on tethers waiting to get word that it is finished with. But so far, I have heard nothing from... —  read more 

November closing in fast

Is there anyone else who is nervous to see if they still have a job next month? I have been trying to keep a positive perspective the last few weeks but the closer it gets to November - the harder it is. I know I am financially prepared for the... —  read more 

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