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Layoffs soon coming to Nexen

Some number of layoffs will take place in Q4 2018 along with office move from Nexen Tower to the Bow. By January 2019 the company will use new name and e-mail address, while organizational changes will continue. Bumped from @Vk83CVk-pywi in another... read more

More layoffs at Nexen?

heard there were some layoffs in the office this week. Anyone know anything? Posted in an old thread yesterday, I think, but no answers so far. Since I'd like to know the answer as well, I was hoping bumping it to the front of the queue might get... read more

Questioning Management

I found that Nexen had many "Nexen babies" which are people who got jobs at Nexen right after school, got promoted through the ranks at Nexen and never worked at any other companies. I don't know if these same people would succeed at other companies... read more
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No Job Tomorrow?

Any update on this? It's so demoralizing to go to work every day knowing you might not have a job tomorrow.

Redundancy package?

Does anyone know what the redundancy package looks like for a Geologist?
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More info on layoffs

I am hearing 400 from Calgary, in October. Not sure how true this is. My HR friend who works at Nexen said its going to be around 500 in the north America division. Its a sh-- show there. Any chance somebody here knows if either of these is true? And... read more

More layoffs

Keep your heads down folks. Unless you are connected to hr mafia. Not everyone can come from finance and become a compensation manager. They are few of them there. And they know who is next. But it's not them. Sad and heartbreaking. Fang, please pay... read more

Houston office will have more life...

"Nexen babies" have their lips zipped at all times. They have a "chameleon" skin, they can change it and go with the flow. A number of young folks at Nexen are trying to get promoted. It is quite hard now to do that. Those, who got promoted after... read more

Nexen in a nutshell

The best thing Nexen ever did for my career is let me go. I wasn't surprised when it happened, as I was never part of the close clique that exists at the company. I must say, watching the interactions of that group sure was interesting. Best buds... read more

Stick a fork in me…

I held out as long as I could but it’s time to face the facts. No matter how much you hope things will change - they won’t. I’ve put in a number of years within Nexen with the knowledge and experience to back it up so when someone in upper management... read more

Low morale

I never thought a company can have such low morale but Nexen has proven me wrong. I don’t know what I was thinking in taking a position here. Had I known the office politics and a type of culture that I was walking into, I'd ran the other way... read more

There are more layoffs coming

There are more layoffs coming. Not sure why people say the layoffs have stopped because they started shortly after the CNOOC purchase of Nexen and have continued for the last 4+ years. There were about 50 people in Q3/Q4 of this year. They are always... read more

Incoming changes at Nexen

Sporadic layoffs occurred in October and November. The plan is to announce the integrated CNOOC International organization by late December and to fill all the positions by the end of February 2018. Found this in an old thread, the info is new... read more
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Nexen layoffs

The Nexen layoffs will come in some quantities over the next several weeks (say less than 50 per week so as not to get on the news). Major layoffs coming in 2018.

Nexen Layoffs 2017 - 2018

The current round of layoffs will take place in Nexen offices in Calgary and Houston from now to 1Q 2018, and the company name Nexen will cease to exist after completion of the reorganization.

Weekly layoffs the new normal at CNOOC (Nexen)

Weekly layoffs have become the norm at CNOOC's Calgary, Alberta office. Rumour is that these will occur well in to December. A&D departments from various E&P's in Calgary have confirmed that a data room containing what is clearly Nexen's Canadian... read more


I heard that Nexen had layoffs in Houston today. Don't know the extent...

Alberta Layoffs 2016

Nexen, Conoco and Talisman laid off people in Calgary - this is getting pretty bad for Alberta, our people have no other options

Nexen layoffs in Canada

Nexen has laid off 450 people, the majority was the Canadian ( Calgary) workforce and a small part was from the UK and the States.

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