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Houston office will have more life...

"Nexen babies" have their lips zipped at all times. They have a "chameleon" skin, they can change it and go with the flow. A number of young folks at Nexen are trying to get promoted. It is quite hard now to do that. Those, who got promoted after Nexen acquired additional % of LL assets, got really lucky. But their level of competence is quite low. It is very true that the experience they have at Nexen is not enough to be successful in other co.

Chinese acquired Nexen in order to get into US and Latin America. Canada assets will have a very "idle" activity. And gradually you will see less and less people working for Canada assets. US is becoming more attractive for investments. Houston office will have more life. QW can hire more of his former colleagues from Nortel (once upon a time the most corrupt company in Canada). And he is good in ruling his HR web at Nexen.

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At Petrochina Canada office I heard 60% you can hear mandarin language. Need to learn their language, more of them will be coming here. They will also hire bilingual people locally from Calgary.


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