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Spike in attrition

I usually don't pay that much attention to how many people are leaving, but lately it has reached a point where even I took notice. And it's not just employees, managers seem to be leaving McDermott in droves on their own, which is the part of all of... read more

Find Everything You Want Here!

Competitive pay and benefits! Employee training and development! Interesting work! Great work-life balance! A bright future! Smart, industry-savvy leaders which think outside the box, with unquestionable of integrity! A track record of success in... read more
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Dashing & Debonair

Face it. Y'all were completely wrong. No Lummus sale. No bankruptcy. No mass layoffs. Goldman didn't take over. DD is still the boss. This is the best company to work for.

MeDiocre International

Get out before this sh-- stain of a company makes your resume untouchable. Wish I left a LOOONG time ago but stuck here now.

Kool-Aid and Cookies

HR (Ms. Piggy) will be hosting Kool-Aid and cookies at 2:00 pm. Come drink the Kool-Aid, it will change the way you think.

Kool-Aid and Cookies

HR (Ms Piggy) will be hosting Kool-Aid and cookies today. Come all and drink the Kool-Aid. It will change the way you think.
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CBI whipping post

So with the wheels coming off the legacy McD projects (less Middle East) how long can they blame all the problems on CB&I

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

New Kind of Company. GPLNG. Focus Projects. Fully understand. All behind us. Didn't say that, what I meant was. New Kind of Company. GPLNG. Underbid. CBI's fault. Backlog. New projects. CPI. Offshored. New Kind of Company. GPLNG. CPI stretch goals... read more

Beginning or the End

Or the beginning of the end. 27% drop is nothin - CBI used to drop 30% multiple times a year. Don’t fool yourselves either - this is CBI all over again. Buying projects with no understanding how to execute.

EPC Company Erased

Most combinations fail, moslty cause a culture mismatches. So sayeth HR. MDR and CBI aint a good fit, trying to make them fit would be like sending these CBI dandies to conversion therapy. It just don't work, they was born that way. No surprise if... read more

We are all saved! GPLNG mega project!

The good news — the JV won! The bad news for McDermott folks — Chiyoda is doing pretty much all engineering (in Yoko Ono) and Zachry most of the construction (except OSBL I think though not sure what the final DOR looked like). The tanks though are... read more

Morale is at an all time low

It’s bad at the Plainfield office. It has been for a while. Morale is at an all time low and management purposefully keeps employees in the dark on everything. The management “style” at Plainfield is willful ignorance vague, meaningless platitudes... read more


Any factual information known about the CBI office in Plainfield? Always a lot of hearsay about building being sold, a move to Houston, pending cuts, etc. Lost lots of good people gone who had the experience and know how to get things done. All that... read more


Does anyone know what the current severance package is, if any?

How bad will it be?

Any hints, laddies an' lasses? How much gold did Goldman go through? How unclear are the Out of Focus projects already a year since the merger was announced? Was there any real due diligence or only doo-doo diligence? Enquiring minds want to know!... read more

Let the CPI continue

Another round of lay offs today. But hiring in Mexico if you want to relocate on your own with the pay cut.

What a miserable place to work!

Departmental Managers clueless on operation Move people around like cattle No stability or consistency Not American Engineering HR sweeping stuff under the rug Parents supervising (if that is what you call it) kids Ambition low, people are given jobs... read more


I am literally working in a department where my boss also has his son working for him. And other family members as well. How do I even go about this when HR already knows. The bias is ridiculous.


Heard a rumor that Chiyoda pulled out of the MZLNG JV. Also, RGLNG is waiting for Saipem to sign the JV this month.

Mexico is hiring

So as they continue the CPI layoffs in the US. Mexico is looking to hire 100 engineers for the office in Mexico City. So if our job isn’t moving to India. It’s headed to Mexico.


Are all of the CBI gone? It’s been so quiet on here lately.

What a miserable place to work!

No Christmas parties Departmental Managers clueless on operation Move people around like cattle No stability or consistency Not American Engineering HR sweeping stuff under the rug Parents supervising (if that is what you call it) kids Ambition low... read more

MDR Shareholders are Fools

Anyone who would invest in corruption, lies and deceit are fools. It is not the CEO's fault, it is the board of directors. Vote them out are lose your money to the executives. They operate off of intimidation and bulling. What a wonderful company... read more

Year End Predictions

How bad will the quarter be? In the 4q call how many times will the ceo try to distract analysts by using buzzwords. "CPI." "One McDermott Way". "Synergies". "Focus projects." "All CBI's fault." "Underbid" "Look at that shiny object!" And now new... read more

New Palace for the king

So our stock is near worthless, we’re losing money on every major project. We’re cutting another 200m in employee costs. And shipping them overseas But we now have a long term lease on a brand new office complex in a high rent district.

CB&I Houston needs to humble themselves

Lummus is not all they are cracked up to be. Full of politics and bullies. Lummus you think you know it all, the fact is you do not know anything. Andy needs to go back to India, Pat is a nice guy but not a leader and John is a politician. Need... read more


The hot new trend in employee initiated separations. Some companies deserve it.

Greener pastures are out there for awhile

I left McDermott not long ago. I saw lots of companies with flex Friday schedules, good benefits, employees that like their company, and employees that think their company respects them. One company told me that they wouldn't have considered someone... read more

Houston always pointing finger at someone else

CB&I Houston is fighting for their lives. Years of poor management and unskilled workers are catching up with them. They figure if they point to other offices it will take the light off of them. The truth always comes out sooner or later.

Interesting read

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