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Is the injunction against COO real?

Is the news in the link below reliable? Could not find any other corroborating source.

New Unkind of Company

Extra hours on the road and lost flex days. No more balance in the work life push pull. Losing touch with my kiddos. More strain on my marriage. Blood pressures up. Not what I signed up for. Something's gotta give.

Our Vision and Values

The video is a gathering of MDRs finest minds and I took the following inspirational notes 8 seconds: poster board reads ‘what about legal mdr projects’ 9 seconds: DD presents strategy in crayon – second poster board is of an explosion 2:30 : the guy... read more

Project Management and Purchasing

Thank you CB&I Houston. You let Project Management and Purchasing run over the so called engineers while turning the so called engineers into clerks with CMS. You so smart! Here is your sign!
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Other than nostalgia of the physical environment in Woodlands, there is nothing else to fondly remember. However, this a stark reminder of how corrupt and inept leadership can ruin a multi-billion company. Unfortunately, many such corrupt and inept... read more

Pulse of McDermott

This is a terrible place to work. Even employees who love their jobs hate this company. We have been treated shabbily. And it will continue. Layoffs. Pay cuts. Train your peers on H1B visas so they can offshore your peers. Morale is low but based on... read more

Don't expect to see layoffs stop

The layoffs will not stop till all but the bare minimum is left in the US. Senior managemaent and a small team of support. Everything else will be closed and moved overseas. India, Mexico, Middle East and Asia are the future of the new organization... read more

More layoffs at McDermott International?

I've heard that we might be looking at another significant round of layoffs as soon as next week or the one after it. Any chance somebody here knows more about this? Whether it's true and if it is, what's going to be affected the most? Which... read more

What Have We Learned?

The one thing I have learned from this board is how much hatred there is for corporate America. Listen to what the people are saying. Some listen to comment, that shows as well. May God be with all of us. United we stand, divided we fall.


I think its starting in Charlotte, no new work, and existing jobs completing. Hoping for some overseas assignments.


How likely are pay cuts to cbi people? If I move is there any reason to think I'm not going to get screwed with a pay cut or job cut? A lot can happen in 2 years. Who would have thought we'd be here 2 years ago?

Same old same old

No real changes for former cbi employees. Same wizards in charge of most groups. Same lack of concern about employee or employee safety. This week, an armed robbery attempt was made at a office parking lot. The suspect was not located and arrested... read more

Hundreds of millions

Contractor on $1.4 billion Louisiana project cites cost overruns as it cancels two CB&I contracts. Copy this link and paste in your browser to see more:... read more

Hundreds of millions


Quarterly Results end of month

Any word on sizable wins that will get the stock price up? If not I fear some heavy activity on this thread. Don't see much contribution from CB&I.

The 99% Speak

Flexing was a nice perk; however, how many companies offer it? Grow up. Companies move all the time. Employees either move too or find something else, sorry this is how the real world works. Whining on here will not change your situation

CPI = budget cuts and staffing reductions

As a former long term McDermott employee who survived the MPI program but not the FTG program here’s a little translation for all the new McDermott employees formerly CB&I. They announced the CPI program about the time I was made redundant. This is a... read more

Lifeline Provided

If your company (A) was just bailed out by another company (B) because company A's projects were hemorrhaging losses then something needed to be done. If the leader of company B decides that a shift in work schedule to see if working every business... read more

Power Division not so powerful!

So, all the focus is on Houston. What’s the future of the Charlotte Office? From what is seen in the field you have a dysfunctional group, it appears that much work is required to unite the CB&I legacy employees and Shaw Group. Remember there’s no “I... read more

Whats behind frozen salaries

When corporate america takes steps to freeze salaries to analyze the compensation structure of two companies, be assured that one side of the company thinks the other side is getting overpaid. Guess who that side is....
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TX CBI Perspective

So within the last week McDermott Corporate HR has forced former CBI employees to work an extra day and frozen salaries for all. Add to that the longer daily commute from Woodlands to our new home, it's just another hour from my day. Too many of my... read more


At what point does policy and procedures become counter productive? Yes a company needs guidelines and procedures. However, like everything you can go overboard. What is more important is company culture. Doing what is right by the customer so they... read more

Good luck

I left a while back and got a good job with a stable company. The shining light of the transition was the guy who got rid of all the people making a difference in HR and then claimed that the programs they created and he tried to kill were his ideas... read more

Tyler office

Anyone hearing what will happen to the Tyler office? Got a good group of engineers that have been working together for a long time. Just need a chance to get back to winning way to show off our abilities that built the EPC company.

The Energy corridor

We are gone either way so whats the difference? At least we would get to stay in The Woodlands a bit longer instead of being moved to The Energy corridor where no one wants to go


Congrats MDR. You just bought a dead company. I give it a year and new MDR will be in bankruptcy.

McDermott Backstabbing????

One must really question the management team from McDermott. Through the entire "Merger" process there has been a lack of transparency. Numerous times what has been told to CBI folks has been the opposite of what has come to pass. Latest is that... read more
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CB&I Lawsuits

What happens to all the lawsuits against CB&I? CB&I = Cheap Basta*** & India

McDermott purchasing CB&I...

McDermott purchasing CB&I will turn out to be the same disaster as when CB&I bought Shaw. Eventually it will implode. Two bankrupt companies cannot save each other.

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