Topics regarding layoffs at McDermott International Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at McDermott International Inc.

Inflationary pressures

Rising costs... shortages of building materials... As inflation rises, I would like to discuss what you think how this company will be affected? The overall situation in the company is worrying.

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DD Day

So, today was the day that the axe finally fell, well two axes. Too little, too late. What's left will surely be picked over by the circling seagulls sooner rather than later.


What changes are in store for Eldridge location? Brand new building - 20+ stories, 16 year lease - going to be kind of expenisive to maintain what with all the layoffs plus folk working from home. and no new projects.

New Projects

It's really disappointing that the company does not disclose the amount of $$$ for awards. Seems to be happening since 2020 and COVID. I see MDR has gotten a couple of FEED contracts and another contract recently. Does anyone know the $$$... —  read more 

Lack of enthusiasm

How can I be committed to working in a company where there are no benefits, which has no vision, where only layoffs can be expected and where there is no future without cash injections. There is hardly any motivation. Not sure how you do it, but I... —  read more 

Getting ready....

Appointment of new in-house Attorney, (long term friend of DD), promotions for some of the "boys", with increased salaries and benefits. The lining of the nests, and legal protections are moving forward. Stand back and watch them get richer, as... —  read more 

It was fun

Well. After 18 years. lots of good times and lots of great people. I got the word today that my employment is no longer needed. I wish everyone still at McDermott the best.

Just got a raise.

With all the turmoil in the office I asked to mobilize to borstar to hide out and they approved it. Started early this year. Nearly doubled my take home pay. Seeing is believing. There is hope for us. Being at site makes me realize we have a chance. —  read more 

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