Topics regarding layoffs at McDermott International Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at McDermott International Inc.


One more day to submit questions to DD! Mine: Couldn't some of the bonus money you handed out during Ch 11 been used to keep the meager cost of living raises we had coming?


I heard they are going to go to a 4-10 workweek policy and any holidays on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays wont be paid holidays unless you are at least manager level. A lot of the other engineering companies are doing the same thing.

Q1 Loss Summary

For first quarter, under Chapter-11 bankruptcy protection McDermott reports $1.4 billion loss on $1.9 billion revenues. Latest period did include $884 million impairments on property and equipment and further $94 million on goodwill. Total Tyra... —  read more 

chop chop

that last email from DD sounds ominous, but is not surprising. Oil is in the 20s... that means it is time to cut jobs. You got to wonder if MDR will make it out of chapter 11.

US fabrication shops

Does anyone know the truth about the sale of the US fabrication shops. All we are told at all the meetings first quarter. I wonder why they keep laying off skilled labor and not office workers or managers. Instead they move people around to try to... —  read more 

Opt out forms due by Feb 19

For all of the individual investors in MDR common stock where your investment shares are being cancelled and made ZERO value, you can opt out of the resolutions to hold all parties harmless. By doing this all of Bad Actors in the demise of MDR stock... —  read more 

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