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McDermott is a great company

I’m excited about this, and this will help put the past where it belongs! Glad we’re keeping Technology!
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Pig in a Poke

So The Who is McDermott- the What ia CBi- really didn’t think there was anyone that stupid out there to buy the whole toxic dump site. Marketing must already be out the door with that press release. Bye bye big sorry executives- they don’t need your... read more
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Legal Troubles

Colombian lawsuit... Georgia Power lawsuit... Cameron LNG project over transportation... Huge class action lawsuit over overtime... No government bailout here boys and girls just more and more corruption at the top....

Please stop the bleeding

If the rumours are true tomorrow we hear the faith of the co It is about time and whatever will happen it will be better. We still have 1 guy actually doing the job and 20 incompetent managers on top of that booking time to overhead. Most of those... read more

Rumor is

Reliable source says we will all be working for Honeywell next week, not just EP and LHT. Seems PM and management are ready for another big Christmas bonus! Buckle up.

Lousy managers

The person I work for only cares about one thing, looking good to her superiors, at any cost and without regard to her employees. To this person an employee is only a tool for her to use to or I should say abuse to show the higher ups her... read more

Something right

Maybe we need to start looking to competitors to see what we can do right. I think it's comical that the green cross medal from 2015 still sits outside the main lobby when safety has most definitely taken a back burner. I think 6 or 7 ppl died onsite... read more

Open lines of communication

PM started his reign with emails, town hall and videos. Radio silence since. In fact I haven't seen any executive leadership in the hallways in months. Would go a long way to get some communication, any communication.


If you are here spreading bs about CBI closing, being sold, going bankrupt, or any of the other stupid rumors I have seen, the company is better without you. Yes, some sh--ty decisions by past managers, but we need to do exactly what we are doing -... read more

Cameron LNG future

So any word on what we Construction crafts have to look forward to out here on the Cameron LNG project?? Rumor is takeover !!

CB&I is no longer an engineering company

CB&I is no longer an engineering company. CB&I is no longer an engineering company. CB&I is no longer an engineering company. CB&I is no longer an engineering company. CB&I is no longer an engineering company. CB&I is no longer an engineering... read more

This week's layoffs

We know (or assume, not sure anymore how reliable the info is) WARN notices will be filed probably today or tomorrow. Anybody knows which areas are about to get hit and how many will be affected? Working at CB&I has become a nightmare with continuous... read more

Secrecy around closings

I honestly believe that noone knows whats going on. Supposedly they are "shuttering" multiple fab shops because they have no work. They announced it at Beaumont, Laurens, El Dorado, Walker. I believe warn notices have been handed out. I've read on... read more

Future of CB&I

Lets just say i ran into a few options for work and im at an intersection. Do I leave my high paying job here at CB&I and downgrade pay by 30% or put my money on PM is going to turn this around. What happens to CB&I in 2018? Predictions?

Debt Payment Extension

"Chicago Bridge & Iron Company N.V. (the “Company” or “CB&I”) has requested, and the Administrative Agent for our credit facilities and Noteholders have agreed to, an extension of time from the previously disclosed milestone of December 8, 2017 to... read more

CB&I is no longer an engineering company

CB&I is not an engineering company. Matter of fact, they are a disgrace to engineering. They are a purchasing and construction company. They used to be an engineering company. Instead of engineers running the show, project managers run over... read more

4th Floor Under Attack

So word is that they have started culling the herd om the 4th floor. Typical CB&I management....they leave town for a board meeting and let HR fire their most important allies...their admins! What a tot ball-less example of the "manly men" running... read more


Who is going to bailout CB&I? The taxpayers? Another fine example of American management/executives rapping a company, the employees and resources. Once they sell the technology, they have nothing to offer. They cannot build a plant. Bankruptcy in... read more

No news is bad news

Thought CB&I was going to make their announcement regarding who was purchasing Technology by Dec 1? So does this mean they are behind schedule due to unfavorable negotiations? If that’s the case they will bust through those debt covenants again and... read more


When is the new restructuring going to be announced and what are your thoughts on changes they will make? News of this was expected in the last several months, and people here in houston are wondering why It has been so silent. Any thought?


Rumors why would any company want to be associated with cbi Two major lawsuits Colombian Gov 4 billion and Georgia Power 2 billion

Who is buying CBI-Technology?

Rumor is that the potential buyers have been narrowed to 3; an investment firm, an EPC firm, and an owner/operator. Bechtel has been rumored as the EPC, and Aramco as the O/O.

CBI Top the Worst

I worked 40 years for the Best Floor! Retired in 2012 Friend toldef me this company had lots of projects So I came there 2015 only to see total unreasonable idiots in management and I took action laid out their problems only to be let go in 2016 was... read more

CBI is in this position for a reason...

The real problem with the company is the culture and work ethic. No one takes personal responsibility for ANYTHING. Everyone just passes the blame down the line constantly. It's exhausting and it will never change because the company is buried in... read more

how was it before?

Ive been with cbi for two years in March, and everyone talks about how things have changed over the years. I have only witnessed 'keep your head down and do your work' so I cant imagine it being anything else. Are there any employees out there who... read more

Relief at last

CB&I ALWAYS begins FEED too soon and relying on information gained from past jobs, then pounding that square information into round holes. Then they wonder why all the hours are gone and they still don't have a finished product they can present to... read more


Do you believe CBI is on the path to an effective reorganization with the new mgmt?Will they be more effective or much the same as those they have replaced? I speculate that once this change has been put in place and we are through the first quarter... read more

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