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Unfortunately FBI passed CEO and management were the worst I ever witnessed After working and retiring from the Best came to CBI only to be laid off after showing them their problems Poor Management

Beans DO burn on the grill

This place is going to hell in a hand basket. No one left and more layoffs to come. All the good ones are jumping ship...and what's going to be left are the ones that can't find a better place to work.
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LOL !! Pop up ads on this site!!

Anyone else getting these weird pop up ads here? One I keep getting says there is a network vulnerability detected for which I need to download their app. Kinda malware-ish. If only the site would be as diligent about the sleaziness of their ads as... read more

Cost Cutting

Want to cut cost, outsources executives to India. How many engineers could you hire on what the executives get paid? Executives bring no value to the company, all they do is rape the company so that they can get a bigger bonus. How is that working... read more

Not an Engineering Company

CB&I is no longer an engineering company, they are a procurement and construction company. That is where they missed the mark.

More layoffs by the end of the week

CB&I just announced new layoffs for this week, this time it's in Delcambre. Around 100 folks will be let go in this round. Not sure if this is only for one location, or if it will spread to others as well. Apparently, CB&I is nowhere close to being... read more


How many so far? By location. Overall. Anything.

Town Halls to explain how to be walked out!

Another stellar performance by executives and "Department Managers" to current remaining employees to explain the "Resetting of CBI", what the severance package that the worker bees will get, and how to be walked out. Really??? A little late boys!... read more

Executive Jets

To save money they should do away with the executive car leases. All the porsches, audis and vettes would save us a bunch of money instead of laying off people. While your at it, sell the ranch and get rid of the executive jets. Make that one fat... read more

Get Ready

Your severance will s---. Your unemployment benefits will s---. Your medical will run out and your new medical will be expensive. How long will your bank account keep you afloat? What investments can you sell if you need to? Should you "reallocate"... read more

New CEO needs to clean house completely

Corporate VPs and "blind executives" drove this company into the ground and now the are gutting everyone they can saving their buddies instead of facing the facts that they drove it into the toilet! Chiyoda (the JV partner) on everything is clearly... read more

FS Beaumont Shop News Coverage

400 transfered due to Harvey, layoffs may follow:

More and more layoffs....

Everyday more layoffs and yet the POS management and Useless department leads are still around to continue s---ing the gristle off the bone! Unbelieveable!
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Layoffs continue

Westchase conference rooms booked ALL DAY for "HR Meetings" on Thursday, 9/28 and Tues, 10/3. Going to continue to be ugly. Unfortunately many of the people who drove this company into the ground have crawled back under their safety rocks. Until the... read more

Lack of vision and innovation

They had to cut because PM said there would be a reduction of expenses and the bankers have to see something. It's a show, there is no way they can cut their way out if this. Look how much they spend on interest alone. The good people have already... read more

Open your eyes and be prepared

This was posted by @PmzFyM3-1acf in another thread, but I thought it needed to be rad by more people. Perfectly put, in my opinion: Today feels like the end of Raiders where they open the Ark. We suddenly found ourselves in the midst of a massacre... read more

More Layoffs to come in November

Layoffs in the woodlands last week, and I'm certain that in November whenever APTIM finally take a over Capitol services in November we will see more lay offs. They are going to sell both buildings in the woodlands, & will just lease building 2. I've... read more

FS Beaumont shop shutdown

The FS Beaumont shop has sustained considerable flood damage from hurricane Harvey and will be closing on November.

Blame management that has been here the longest

The problem with the company are the high level people who have been there the longest. They are the ones who witnessed the bad choices and did nothing to stop them. Now they are cutting the small people to show the public and creditors they are cost... read more

This has nothing to do with expats

CBI is. Global company which means they rotated their people around the globe to where they are doing the work - one of what was one of the great things about the company - they hired to retain their employees not just for a project alone. Now that... read more

Incoming London CGI layoffs

Big layoffs coming to London office... Harder to let people go in The Hague due to the country's HR policies. Do we have any more news on this? We haven't heard anything here besides the usual layoff related rumors that are pretty much there... read more
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Company properties for sale

While the layoffs were in full swing did anybody notice the site assessments taking place at the Woodlands campus and multiple cbi facilities across the map. site assessment are done when properties are being purchased think of it like a mechanic... read more

Details on this week's layoffs

Approx 72 layoffs between Tuesday and Wednesday. Extra security was brought in to assist. Tuesday was mostly Bldg2 but a few bldg 1. Wednesday will be mostly bldg 1. To date no one has discussed these layoffs with us. We find out whose gone when they... read more

With monthly layoffs at Kiewit, Fluor, Bechtel, CH2M...

There is nowhere to hide. Literally, all of them are pruning payrolls - it's really tough now. All of them (Kiewit, Fluor, Bechtel, CH2M, etc.) have pages here you can check it out - there is a ton of people talking about constant layoffs. Now, you... read more
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Fabrication Services

Fabrication Services seem to be doing fine. Hate to hear this about fellow co-workers. Good blessings to all this effects

Houston Oak Park RIFs

I was laid off yesterday from the Houston Oak Park office. Layoffs are happening daily. Do not listen to people who tell you that there are no layoffs.


Are there more layoffs today? Ive made the cut thus far but everyone here is on eggshells.
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Poor management and no accountability

as other said, CB&I has very poor management. top mgr levels silo their departments on purpose, this is an attempt to avoid blame for ongoing poor project execution. there is a ton of projects that have issues. there is a deep culture of mistrust... read more


How is the "Innovation" team holding up? Does anybody know what they've innovated?

You got this!

We all here at CB&I have to stop whining. S--- it up and get a game plan going. This is what successful and resilient people do. They don't dwell. So what! You are going to have to make changes. WELCOME TO THE THE REAL WORLD. Did you plan on staying... read more


Negotiating severance terms: I think it's safe to assume that the terms are standard and non-negotiable for the severance. Given all the legal lingo CB&I puts into docs, I am pretty sure attorneys covered this... But I thought I'd go ahead and ask... read more

How would you change CB&I

The company has their issues there is no questioning that. I wonder how things might be different if we trained their upper management teams in better communication skills. In my years with the company (HR) one of the main complaints is how managers... read more

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