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Any real layoffs info?

I was wondering if apart from the bombastic announcements in all caps that claim major layoffs are incoming (no clues whatsoever that it's trolling, nope, not a one,) do we have any concrete info on what we might be looking at in the following... read more


Has anyone else who has been laid off experienced problems getting their W2? I have left messages for their hotline twice and heard nothing back. Albeit, they promise to return calls in 2-3 days.
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Nobody is safe

Brought this over from McDermott board, @RjgtfbP-xkrt makes a good point. I would think both CB&I and McDermott should be concerned. One is not safe over the other. I have heard both companies have non performers, duplication of work and although I... read more

Is CB&I Houston Closing?

Has anyone heard if McDermott is cleaning house in Houston? Tyler is tired of bailing them out. The people in Houston should be nervous.

Tyler Texas Closing?

Has anyone heard if the engineering office in Tyler Texas is going to close? They sure are nervous out there.

Short History of CBI

There once was a privately owned company and it was called Chicago Bridge and Iron. The company being privately owned was a good company respected not only by the employees that worked there but also by others that didn't. It was called a family and... read more

MDR filings

What does it profit a man if he gains the world and loses his soul? Answer $20,000,000
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Early termination of waiting period.

Commence the cost savings plan. Good bye job “announced that the Federal Trade Commission has granted early termination of the waiting period under the Hart-Scott-Rodino Antitrust Improvements Act of 1976, as amended, with respect to their proposed... read more
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Think this will effect the sale???

It was announced in Colombian news the results of the investigation for the Reficar corruption and indictment... masoud deidehban (CBI Project director) to go to prison and Philip Asherman will continue to be investigated....

Temporary layoffs my behind

Anybody notice how CB&I made sure to use the words "could be " when announcing supposedly temporary layoffs at Walker pipe fabrication yard? I'm willing to bet my house that it has already been decided that majority of those (if not all) are... read more

Starting to win some work

GUlf coast Amonia and TCO to be announced soon. Golden Pass and Rio up next. We with those 2 and these 4 will deliver us back to the top

February layoffs at CBI

Layoff is in February just a heads up,I know someone that works for the state warn notice issued already for layoff in February. Your welcome Is this referring to layoffs that have already been announced for February, or is it talking about something... read more


Not a peep from anyone. People are worried and fearing for their livelihoods, yet cbi nor McDermott care. Not a good start.

Cbi will dissolve. Read

Very good source stated MDR was able to secure loans to negotiate lower payoffs. Share the profits with execs from both companies. Sell tech. Payoff debts and net over a billion. Cbi will then be dissolved. It’s a perfect plan to get the execs rich... read more


I hear there is another layoff scheduled at the Walker facility. Pretty soon there won’t be anyone left there!! I wonder if the facility is closing?

Corporate layoffs

The CBI corporate busy bodies will get slashed. The whole HSE group, Quality and the rest of global services will get flushed. It’s about time to pull that plug any way. Posted by @QYAXFzT-2ejp. Anybody knows if this is based on something concrete or... read more


In most merger usually a write off! Yes true is for Onshore Technology McDermott will control and establish their own onshore group most of CBI employees gone

$100 million cost reduction worth of layoffs

CBI keeps talking about their $100 million cost reduction program. Has anyone explained just what that program is and how they plan on going about achieving this?? Their laying off people and letting good people go will not achieve that objective... read more

Junkie love

It reminds me of an illfaited “love story” where two recovering addicts fall for each other while falling apart and get hooked on that sh-- again until eventually they both just over dose. Good luck, I wouldn’t trust an addict if I were you.

February 9, 2018

Has anyone heard anything about something happening on this day? Just a new rumor circulating.

Engineers in Tyler

So the good engineers in Tyler could still jump ship. Other engineering firms have their sharks circling, waiting to snatch them up. Tyler has cream of the crop Process guys. If they lose those guys Tyler will be in trouble.

New Company Name - McDumbit!

CB&I is full of crooks in management, why would anyone want to buy them. Notice nobody in the business bought them, they knew better. Treat your employees with respect.

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