Topics regarding layoffs at Chicago Bridge & Iron

Topics regarding layoffs at Chicago Bridge & Iron

Tyler TX

Will they ever bring Tyler back? I miss the kickball games, taco tuesdays and icecream team bonding sessions.

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How many are still there?

I was let go right before the McDermott acquisition and from the looks of things they did me a favor. The severance was far from ideal but it was enough to help me get through until I found a new job. From what I gather, things have gone even more... —  read more 

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Can't argue with this

MCD bought a bag of crap when they bought CB&I. The CB&I executive team had already drained the company by the time MCD bought them. The technology is old and there is not many people left that know what they are doing. Got to love the business... —  read more 


Company communications want us to get all excited about a new logo while common employees have to search the web for information because promises of "transparency" fall short. We are keot in the dark and don't know when that tap on the shoulder may... —  read more 


While the company burns, CBI EMT is asking the Board to increase their parting bonuses by millions. Why? Because of the 1Q financials which are a lie. They are 100's of millions off and that is what we shared with the street. We are the Enron of... —  read more 

MDR is in charge

It may be called a merger of so called equals, but the fact is becoming apparent that MDR is the top dog in this fight. The recent announcement of the new executive leadership. 10 MDR execs, 4 CBI execs. Given the proven incompetency of CBI... —  read more 

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Tyler Texas Closing

Has anyone heard the they will be closing the Tyler location? There have sure lost a lot of good engineers. I wonder what will happen to the rest of the admin, procurement and the remaining engineers.

Executive Compensation

During 2015 he was ranked by Yahoo Finance as the 2nd worst CEO out of 25. His total 2015 compensation package was $18.3 million. His total compensation from 2006-2017 was a reported $172,267,912.00 USD. That comes to an average yearly compensation... —  read more 

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CMS was a complete failure

CB&I was known for water towers and tanks, now it is time to get to other things. Whoever thought up CMS without a total integration study and comment resolution should be fired, that was the beginning of the end. They never integrated, somebody made... —  read more 

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McDermott Backstabbing????

One must really question the management team from McDermott. Through the entire "Merger" process there has been a lack of transparency. Numerous times what has been told to CBI folks has been the opposite of what has come to pass. Latest is that... —  read more 

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Warning this is a fake zine

I followed layoff for a year when my company 'merged' and noticed lots of internal intervention etc. Also heavy use by insider IT trolls. It also used auto reply bots with silly phrases not making any sense. Don't draw any final conclusions from... —  read more 

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Look for new jobs

New management has already told us to look for jobs. Think about it. MDR already has a 3 year head start on how to work lean. Cbi has layers and layers Of engineering fat. Multiple layers of managers, directors, VPs and then everything gets check and... —  read more 

More Layoffs Coming

CB&I is broke, how broke? They signed a office lease on the bad side of town but is was cheap. Employees cars are getting broke into and people are being robbed. Yet their executives are in the Woodlands, out of harms way. They cannot even afford to... —  read more 


F--- it. I'm out. Only so much sh--, so much uncertainty and lack of appreciation, so many threats to my livelihood, I can take before I wake up and reclaim my self respect. Done. Done.

10 - 20% layoff coming?

Aappears the first to go are generally, contractors, recent new hires and deadwood. If you're a solid performer and there's work, should be ok, for now. No one is guaranteed a job or entitled to a paycheck. I heard- directs were given severance-... —  read more 

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