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Long Commute and Houston Traffic

McD will keep the Eldridge location. It is currently being renovated as we speak. McD is under a lease that can't be broken. McD will continue to Lease space in the GE building on BW-8 and Clay Road.

Guess what, that will be the 2 locations for Legacy CB&I/McD employees that make the cut to MCD.

One location for Americas and the other one for International. Lets get ready to Rumble!!!! Get ready to fight that Houston traffic and pay Tolls and spend alot of time on the road. Total BS.

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At our recent CBI meeting with McD's d---son? Well, one of his comments: he didn't like 'flextime' work arrangements, which in most cases are setup by employees to avoid typical big city congested traffic jams. This guy is supposed to be some forward thinking managerial genius? What Scottish closet has this guy been in? I'm thinking this guy pushes employees to work more on their 'own' time to benefit co. top management and shareholders- hence screw the little guy- make him suffer in traffic and come to work beaten down 8 to 5- work late-put in extra make up for the lost traffic time. He's definitely never been down in the trenches.

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You are being managed for THERE benefit. There is no circle of trust. Don't just stand rhere while THEY do rhings behind your back. THEY already know which bus THEY are going to push you in front of. Why are you just standing there waiting for them to do it? Ignore THERE old lies. Do you believe THERE new lies?

Get out or you deserve what you get.

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This sounds like an overpaid senior level or director level A** S---er and/or brown noser.

"B--ch b--ch b--ch that is all you do"

So sad

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B--ch b--ch b--ch that is all you do

Relocation Package

We understand this move will significantly impact many of you who live in The Woodlands and require a longer commute each day. Woodlands-based employees who choose to move closer to the new office locations will be offered relocation assistance that includes reimbursement for six percent of closing fees and moving costs of personal items. The relocation assistance will be available for six months following closing. To be eligible, you must currently live at least 20 miles from your new office and plan to relocate to a home closer to your new office.

We will communicate all relevant details and information as soon as possible.

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Honestly, try to keep up.

Mcdermott claimed force mejure on the lease at Eldridge last year and got out of the lease then. The announcement made today was Eldridge was a "temporary" location until the final location was ready for move in. Yes it will be in the energy corridors as all of mcdermotts senior management live on that side of the city. All the mcdermott employees were asked to pack up thier work items this week and take all their personal items home from the Eldridge location.

Mcdermott has steadily been reducing staff over the last 4 year and are still doing so. So yes you can expect additional reduction. The whole CPI program is about cutting staff. Just like the previous MPI and FTG programs that proceeded it.

It will all be based upon cost. So regardless of your time with the company or your family connections if your deemed expensive your likely gone. This is the world we live in so grow up.

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