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Fluor needs management - not spin doctors

I have hope for the first time in years. Been watching inept "pretty boys and girls" with no intellect or even common sense getting away with STUPID and costly actions, but then later rewarded, promoted and greatly compensated. These incompetents... read more

Seaton Gone

Hopefully we can get back to being an engineering company. He ruined Fluor.
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State of Florida - WARN Notice Company Name: Fluor Federal Solutions LLC Number of Laid off Employees: 140 Address 1: Naval Air Station Address 2: 310 John Tower Rd., Bldg. 3561 City: Pensacola, FL WARN Notice Date: Tue 01/30/2018 Layoff From: Sat... read more
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Fluor is a cast system

Fluor is a cast system with the executive management as royalty and the remainder of employees as servants. Worst corporation I have every worked which does not value intellect of its engineering staff. I am relieved to be part of the recent layoff... read more

Colorado and New Jersey Layoffs

I am not sure about other areas but there are Colorado and New Jersey layoffs at Fluor. I worked there and still have friends who notified me.
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Poughkeepsie - 85 to be laid off by Fluor

I know it's old news but here it goes anyhow... Source: https://westfaironline.com/99581/fluor-corp-lays-off-85-employees-in-poughkeepsie/ A WARN was filed, and it'll be done in May 2018

crystal river what a joke

currently missed the layoffs right before thanksgiving 2017. about 75 percent did not. this project is run by people with their heads up their asses for sure. its almost if it being ran remotely from corporate with a secret agenda to either fail or... read more
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We desperately need an overhaul of management

Management at Fluor lacks ethics, honesty and fairness. Oh, also intelligence in many cases. Hiring and promoting is always done on "friend" bases, never on merit. If you are working on a project that is about to be completed and if you are not "in"... read more
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treat your employees better, fluor

i really wish fluor would realize people working here are their greatest assets and start treating us as such... right now employees are by far the last on the list of things the company cares about... we are constantly undervalued by current... read more

Regular hiring/layoff cycles at Fluor

How many times can Fluor go on a hiring spree before having to turn around and lay off most of the new hires within a few months as the market goes down before the top realizes this is no way to run a company? A lot, apparently. Not only that, things... read more
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New HR leadership is useless

I've seldom seen such ineffective group as the new HR leadership at Fluor. Seriously, who puts people in charge with no or very little project experience? They are utterly disconnected from how things are done in the field, which means that any... read more

No layoffs at some locations

I know for sure that there were no layoffs at the following locations: Dallas, SF, Sugar Land, Arlington, DC, Aliso Vijeo (not sure 100%), Anchorage, Long Beach, Richland and Greenville

Despicable practices

Just lost the contract in GA too to Bechtel. And holding people "hostage" at CPChem in Baytown while it is closed down from the storm by not allowing them to go back to work, refusing to give good layoffs and holding their boxes hostage as well. I've... read more

No Outsourcing

For those delusional employees who think Manila is the star of Fluor, you cannot boast about this for long. Lower O&G means client will no longer build facilities as they used to. Similar to Mining business. Biggest spending will now focus... read more

Time to get out now

Stock price falling!! Fluor biggest loser in S&P500, get out now before its too late!!
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2017 Business Conditions

Things are pretty good right now, I do not see us having any cuts in 2017. We'll see what happens to Fluor once a recession hits but for now all is good.

Fluor Layoffs 2017

Do you have more (or any) details about possible job cuts in Irving.
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Wilkins bad news

Jim Wilkin announce estimated 500 people will be laid off in here in Manila and Cebu in coming month. Why the work not coming in like we were told. Fluor does not care about us. They use us as cheap labor. Fat expats boss us around, complain about... read more


A coworker who was a Fluor top performer recently got let go. I firmly believe Fluor should do a better job transferring people to other offices rather than laying them off.

A message From David Seaton

Hello my peeps. I'm very excited to tell you about all of the exciting things happening at Fluor. First I would like to tell you about all of the new work coming up. There is a purple Barney dinosaur choo choo train project. This is a $200,000 dollar... read more

We need more initiatives

And do not forget about the imperatives. Consultants cuz those guys are just so so smart. Add in an entire new set of buzz words along with a complete disregard for experience. Bring in low cost overseas labor and forget all the tough lessons over... read more
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Thank you Dallass, you put tbe fun in dysfunctional

My typical day Part 1 Answer angry emails. Put out fires Listen to idiots make decisions Listen to idiots not make decisions. Listen to new grads act like they know it all Listen to videos of sr management trying to sell next big thing....look... read more
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Fluor Delivers Zero Quality

After BCG recommendations there is no quality and has lead to total chaos on projects. 4 years of experience in GEC equals that of 25 years in North America. And with push to reduce labor grades it will get worse. Experience is not valied at Fluor... read more

Something Shifty

“As you get older and further along in your career, something shifts; you stop worrying about yourself and you begin to worry more about the people who work for you.”—Glenn Gilkey

2nd Quarter Earnings Miss....AGAIN

FLR posted its third consecutive earnings miss, as its second-quarter 2016 adjusted earnings of 72 cents per share fell short of the Zacks Consensus Estimate of 87 cents by 17.2%. The figure fared even worse in year-over-year comparison, having... read more

Things are looking bad in Houston.

No new work and projects we have are being sent overseas. Big effort to cut old folks and replace with young cheap labor. They do not even hide it. Goes to the top of the office. First wave in motion right now. Waxali put in place on mpg by Stinks to... read more

Mass Layoff Fluor Philippines

We are losing projects to pay for the million dollar worth salary of the worst performing CEO David Seaton. 80% had to be laid off, we will keep the fat-smart assbully-sex hungry expats.

Calgary Office Layoffs in 2016

Just read on a message board that 500 Calgary employees are rumored to be let go at the beginning of 2016, with more layoffs following in March 2016. Anybody have any additional info regarding this?

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