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Fluor is a cast system

Fluor is a cast system with the executive management as royalty and the remainder of employees as servants. Worst corporation I have every worked which does not value intellect of its engineering staff. I am relieved to be part of the recent layoff or so called reduction in force. I will never work for another EPC such as Fluor. Sadly, Fluor use to be a very good company to work for - so I am told.

Well said, @Qpe7qnl-2zway. The treatment of employees is horrible. No wonder the company is going down when it lays off, fires or pushes out its best employees.

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Yes, I meant "caste" but this goddamn mother f---ing spell checker keeps changing what I write. If only Foxconn had an Indian office, then I'm sure it would be programmed with a multicultural spellchecker.

I also meant to say that FLR is a great company that treats and compensates its employees fairly and equitably.

But this goddamn mother f---ing spell checker edited my post and completely changed the meaning.

Thanks for the tip, a--hole.

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If you're not a relative or friend of someone higher up, you're absolutely going home. Sugar Land office staff has been cut in half. A couple of wins for projects this year is hardly enough to sustain employment for everyone, especially when Sugar Land office is rarely lead office anymore. People still there that I used to work with are very worried as some of them have had their hours cut. It amazes me how management continues acting as though it's all ok.

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FLR is in trouble. Too many highly compensated non participants on the payroll in a tough market. Employee turnover and reliance on 3rd world offices has gutted the work force. There are huge experience gaps. Management only sees employees as EEOC pawns. Have great experience and make a live able are a target to get sent home. Self perform construction....what a joke. Look at Cpchem and Citrus Power. Over HALF BILLION losses on just those 2!!!

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