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Chantilly Layoffs

30 axed... WARN filed... AECOM 4800 Westfields Boulevard Chantilly, VA 22201 4/17/2019 7/5/2019 Count: 30 Mclean, VA Tara Perdue (571) 280-5819 Permanent Reduction

We are in an even bigger mess than we might think

AECOM stock has floundered for years. Shareholders should be calling for the entire management team's heads.The URS acquisition was handled poorly. URS had a large bureaucracy; but AECOM is even worse. Mike Burke has done a horrible job - he has and... read more


According to internal sources and affected personnel, AECOM has laid off 1/3 of its corporate staff. The layoffs took place between October 8-12, 2018 under what was described to employees as a cost savings move. Several sources have cited the... read more

UK IT Staff

For the UK IT Staff who stayed on with Hemmersbach. How it is going?

Powering Down.

AECOM is now in the process of eliminating the Power end of the company (what use to be URS and Washington Group Int.). Three major offices were hit with Voluntary Retirement Package and the next step is lay-offs. We cannot win a contract due to... read more

No one has ever been safe at AECOM

No one has ever been safe. This is a consulting firm, as soon as your project ends (or someone else wins the contract) you are highly likely to have your hours reduced or to be let go unless there is another project that can absorb you. This happens... read more
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Aecom layoffs June 2018

Nearly 200 people are being laid off by Aecom in Maryland offices. I know this time it's specifically Maryland, but frankly, right now I don't think anybody is truly safe. Except for those on the very top, of course... read more

Outsourcing marketing

Maybe they should include marketing in the mix. Should save a lot of money wasted by folks waiting around for a layoff package. Arriving late and leaving early to do personal life matters. They should be ordered back to work in the office like... read more


IBM's $2.3bn gloal outsourcing contract with engineering giant Aecom is "a mess", and CIO Tom Peck is "on his way out", according to a source close to the deal. The source, who wishes to remain anonymous, explained that they had seen a request to... read more

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Facilities Management being outsourced

Next year Facilities in DCS Americas will be outsourced to Cushman and Wakefield. Staff changes start in LA January 15th. Staff will have the "opportunity" to apply for jobs at the outsourcer. This covers receptionists, mail/fedex/repro, office... read more

AECOM incoming layoffs - 108 impacted

AECOM is letting go of 108 people from Geodis Facility. WARN has been submitted, but the layoffs themselves will not take place before the end of next January. Not sure if it will stay on this, or if we can expect more of the same... read more

No input from management

What else is new here? 80 work week in the field, 60 hours in house, no training, expectations to fix things immediately without the proper tools, very poorly managed network and deficient tools to accomplish the job. No input from management, never... read more

Tupe to IBM = Run Tupe to Hemmersbach = Run

Don't stay in this failing company, You will be sent where the f--- they want you to. Forcing you to quit your job. Only real reason to stay on is if your retiring this year. And even with that what a sh-- way to end your career. Quit before your... read more
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More lies from AECOM...

In another twist, AECOM/IBM have now decided that no one from Infrastructure in EMIA are going to IBM, and instead are being made redundant as of 1st July. Yet more lies from the directors of AECOM. Everything they have said since the start of the... read more

IBM in Renegotiations

So it seems IBM have bit more off than they could chew. Rumour has it they are in Renegotiation with Aecom and the work load. Maybe that means things aren't going to be so bad. but then why would you want to stay in a company that are getting rid of... read more

First IT, now the rest of Support Services...

Yes folks, now IT is being outsourced to IBM, AECOM are now looking at farming out the other support services that are currently in house... So, if you work in either HR or Finance, you may find very soon that you'll also be on the receiving end of a... read more

Listen Up!

It's blatant that AECOM is dont give a sh--. Everyone can see it. They will get rid of you. They dont care about the users or the lives of its staff. They care about the money and thats it and when I say them im talking Tom Peck and his grubby... read more
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Anyone that got letter 3 or the one to be determined you will be gone. Look soon. IBM is forcing relocation and is expected to layoff people not retain then. AECOM is to blame for this.
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If you're one of Capper's people, read this.

Listen carefully people; It stands to reason that they've most certainly already made their decisions as to what staff they will need and what staff they can let go. In order to SELL the cost-benefit analysis of outsourcing to Sr. leadership... read more
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Take advantage of the situation....

Most of IT will be outsourced to IBM and popular consensus is that the majority will not make it past the 4 months and those who become IBM'ers will live a dreadful existence and encouraged to move. So what do you do? These next 3+ months spend your... read more
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