Topics regarding layoffs at AECOM Technology Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at AECOM Technology Corp.

New Sweeping Layoffs Started Today

Sweeping layoffs via online Teams meetings began today. Took 10% of salary through most of 2020 in order to "avoid personnel reductions" but they are doing them anyways. Insiders obviously knew yesterday as stock price jumped 9%. Expect nothing... —  read more 

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What you give is what you get

The way a company treats its employees is the way how those employees are going to return the favor. Happy employees are more productive, unhappy employees are giving their bare minimum while looking for a way out. If you're looking for a reason why... —  read more 

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Powering Down.

AECOM is now in the process of eliminating the Power end of the company (what use to be URS and Washington Group Int.). Three major offices were hit with Voluntary Retirement Package and the next step is lay-offs. We cannot win a contract due to... —  read more 

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No one has ever been safe at AECOM

No one has ever been safe. This is a consulting firm, as soon as your project ends (or someone else wins the contract) you are highly likely to have your hours reduced or to be let go unless there is another project that can absorb you. This happens... —  read more 

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Outsourcing marketing

Maybe they should include marketing in the mix. Should save a lot of money wasted by folks waiting around for a layoff package. Arriving late and leaving early to do personal life matters. They should be ordered back to work in the office like... —  read more 

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IBM's $2.3bn gloal outsourcing contract with engineering giant Aecom is "a mess", and CIO Tom Peck is "on his way out", according to a source close to the deal. The source, who wishes to remain anonymous, explained that they had seen a request to... —  read more 

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