Thread regarding AECOM Technology Corp. layoffs

New Sweeping Layoffs Started Today

Sweeping layoffs via online Teams meetings began today. Took 10% of salary through most of 2020 in order to "avoid personnel reductions" but they are doing them anyways. Insiders obviously knew yesterday as stock price jumped 9%. Expect nothing else when put a financial guy in as CEO. The quality of the talent will turn a once well known engineering firm down the drain. Look at any company that has done this in the past. In 5 years it will be 80% new hires, if they can even manage to keep that many experienced people. Experienced Engineers will have job stability. If you wont give it to them, they will go elsewhere. And then the quality issues begin and next thing you know, you're reading about them on the news as the designer of the next infrastructure failure. All so stock price could gain a few extra percent when they are already being artificially pumped by the fed in the first place, was not necessary.

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