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Global and Structural Problems - Layoffs in 2016?

If you are in Houston you have problmes - right? With Oil and Gas melting down all contactors and engineering companies are struggling. We will see what happens next year and I hope that things globally improve so we can go and do more work overseas... read more

Willbros Layoffs 2015

We are affected with the supply/demand issues just as anyone else. 2015 will be a difficult year with lots of cuts.
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Willbros Group, Inc

Willbros Group, Inc. is a contractor specializing in energy serving the oil, gas and power industries. They don't accept employment applications from unauthorized third-party, you need to contact their human resources if you want to apply for the... read more

IT group is useless

Our IT folks are useless, things are always late and breaking. As far as I am concerned, Willbros can downsize all of them I would not be upset at all.

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