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CMS was a complete failure

CB&I was known for water towers and tanks, now it is time to get to other things. Whoever thought up CMS without a total integration study and comment resolution should be fired, that was the beginning of the end. They never integrated, somebody made out on this and probably was rewarded, but the troops suffered. End of an era. I and others believe this brought the downfall of the company. Rather than integrating it exploded in random fireworks that bred inefficiency.

Posted by @SPvJS6S-2mkh, I agree with every word.

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Once again, a post with a ridiculous obsession about CMS being the reason for the company's downfall.

The fish rots from the head down. Corporate Management, and their Yes-Sir underling buttkissers, are responsible. Period. They stake claim for the successes, but deflect responsibility for the failures (union issues, bad weather, commodity price increases, etc).

Former CEO PKA just completed what his predecessor, disgraced-ousted-fired-canned CEO GMG, started with the influx of his Fluor cronies.

Very interesting to see how the underling buttkissers have disavowed themselves from their former now-dismissed CB&I idols, and are now championing the McDermott way.

I wish the very best of luck to my fellow CB&I brothers and sisters as we sail together into unknown waters.

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