Topics regarding layoffs at MRC Global

Topics regarding layoffs at MRC Global

Middle management is the problem

Everybody who works at MRC knows the biggest problem this company has is its middle management. It's incompetent, bloated, and never held accountable for its many mistakes. Instead, we are the ones who pay for their incompetence. Hardworking people... —  read more 

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More layoffs at MRC

Once again another round of layoffs. Approximately 500 people let go in May. For US based employees a quick phone call and your health insurance ends that day. Zero assistance in helping displaced employees find another job. This company has a... —  read more 


They better make the quarterly bonus based on individual goals instead of the branch as a whole... The current approach MRC Global is taking is making no sense and a good number of top employees have left the company because of this flawed system -... —  read more 

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