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One of those companies that still makes you come into work when the covid-19 pandemic is happening all around you even when you’re fully capable of working remotely. Also willing to selfishly ask the city for an exception for their employees to come... —  read more 

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Losing people but not replacing them

My facility has been losing a ton of people, many many have left... And yet DXP's upper management has decided not to bring more resources and they are pushing us to do double work for the same amount of pay. This is not fair - their bonuses continue... —  read more 

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email by David Little, Chairman and CEO

This is the email by David Little, Chairman and CEO: Dear DXPeople, As you well know, these are very challenging times for everyone in the oil & gas industry and other industrial markets. We are working hard to navigate both the challenges in oil &... —  read more 

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