Topics regarding layoffs at NOW Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at NOW Inc.

Canadian Invasion

How is that working out for you DC??? More folks from north of the boarder that have absolutely no clue on how we do business in the US. That gurgling noise you hear is the company circling the drain. Investors should be asking what the plan going... —  read more 


Back in the National Supply days, this company had a lot of value. Today, they bring very little to the table. They don’t bring knowledge, the SAP technology is ancient, they can only deliver parts. They will be out of business in a decade. —  read more 

Careful what you invest in...

3rd quarter 2020 layoffs at DNOW lost a lot of the company's long term, most experienced and knowledgeable employees. If you are into mindless digital bot service with -0- human interaction... (the company's new direction) this is the place for... —  read more 

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Major layoffs in the north east!

Dnow is set to close a store in wv, at least two more in Pa on top of the one they closed already and 2 in ohio. I've heard talk of all store in ky and Michigan getting closed as well. They keep firing and denoting but only the losers are still... —  read more 

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Dnow cutting shops and jobs

I understand things are bad in the industry. Dnow/wilson (I say wilson cause that's what they think like) has no clue how to manage a shop or region. The keep kiss asses and drama queens while the good people take the blame. It was a good job at... —  read more 

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