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Dnow/mrc cutting shops to merge

There was a meeting in Houston last Wednesday with the heads of now/mrc. A good friend of mine was the tech running the power point. When they remote set up the system they left the call line open. He heard eveything. I guess q3 this year they plan... —  read more 

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Major layoffs in the north east!

Dnow is set to close a store in wv, at least two more in Pa on top of the one they closed already and 2 in ohio. I've heard talk of all store in ky and Michigan getting closed as well. They keep firing and denoting but only the losers are still... —  read more 

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Dnow cutting shops and jobs

I understand things are bad in the industry. Dnow/wilson (I say wilson cause that's what they think like) has no clue how to manage a shop or region. The keep kiss asses and drama queens while the good people take the blame. It was a good job at... —  read more 

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