Topics regarding layoffs at Linn Energy LLC

Topics regarding layoffs at Linn Energy LLC

What went wrong Mark?

Randy made out like a bandit and Brent came out on top also, even Rick M. is making good coin. Perhaps you oversold yourself and got caught? I wish you the best in your retirement.

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Not an employee, but Linn put a few gas wells on my property. The gas check for the month of May BOUNCED. Linn Energy could not honor a $1,200 gas check. To my knowledge, they are still drawing gas from the well. Fu**ing crooks.

News today

Very depressing news today. Do you think we will file bankruptcy? Still own alot of shares that are becoming worthless. I hope we all have a job and we can avoid bankruptcy.

Mark you blew it!

Hey Mark! Looks like you and Brent S. missed a couple of good classes from old Bobby S. Shackouls. Randy L. is overseeing the largest bankruptcy in 2015 but only after grabbing a100 million of other peoples money in a great unconventional Ponzi... —  read more 

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Whoever runs this site goes through and puts up fake posts to get people gossiping. This justifies advert revenue. Pretty crappy.

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