Topics regarding layoffs at Continental Resources Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Continental Resources Inc.


I don’t know about the rest of you, but CHK and their leadership is a dumpster fire. Here we are bringing this into our company. Wtf Ham??

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The 8-5 is outdated

I'm tired of hearing about our local peers (DVN, CHK, etc) having every other Friday or half-day Fridays off while we continue to work the same 8-5 Monday - Friday workweek year after year. Most of them are even transitioning to flexible or hybrid... —  read more 

Trouble ahead

In a usual CLR fashion, hedging seems to be a foreign concept, so exposure to low pricing is high. Harold believes he can will into reality higher prices, but not even his investment in Trump is paying out that great. He is also touted the company... —  read more 

Any news?

It looks like people are getting the axe all over. Does anyone know anything about Continental?

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Continental Layoff rumors

I heard rumors that Continental would by laying off field personnel in the bakken and people in the corporate office in OKC. any body hear other wise cause I thought we were safe from the axe as we run so lean anyways.

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