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Trouble ahead

In a usual CLR fashion, hedging seems to be a foreign concept, so exposure to low pricing is high. Harold believes he can will into reality higher prices, but not even his investment in Trump is paying out that great. He is also touted the company... —  read more 


Why do we keep hiring CHK fired castoffs? These people are id--ts!

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Devon just announced layoffs are we next?

Do you think we are in a better position than Devon or are many of our fates being determined? Another very gloomy day with little light on the horizon. How much longer can we keep up appearances? My gut feeling is bad. —  read more 

Continental OK Area Well blow out

Just recently heard caused by Recon Petro OK district, Canada company, screwed up caused the well blow out..... Recon junked also junked Chaparrals wells & flip their truck on a continental & chaparral locations with major safety issues, buyer... —  read more 

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Any news?

It looks like people are getting the axe all over. Does anyone know anything about Continental?

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Terminations happening at CLR

They are being called terminations due to performance. This type of layoff is done quietly as to not raise concerns in the company. They have been happening and will continue until prices recover

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Continental Layoff rumors

I heard rumors that Continental would by laying off field personnel in the bakken and people in the corporate office in OKC. any body hear other wise cause I thought we were safe from the axe as we run so lean anyways.

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Any cuts at Continental Resources in 2015

I am with EOG, we just started with our layoffs, just wanted to see if you might have been doing a bit better. I am still with EOG but might need a job very soon.

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