Topics regarding layoffs at PDC Energy Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at PDC Energy Inc.

Labor Lawyer and Legal Action

Has anyone attempted to take legal action against PDC for there less than stellar severance package? I was shocked at how stingy they were, kept their 401k contributions, stocks didn’t vest, etc etc. Pair that with a c-appy O&G market in Denver and... —  read more 

The Activist did win!

Many of you still think that Ben Dell the Activist from Kimmeridge lost, but he didn't- he is now sitting on the PDC Board of Directors. Check out any of the Financial tracking pages, from Wall Street Journal, Yahoo Finance, etc. Ben Dell is now a... —  read more 

More layoffs to come

There were about 50 across all offices. Poorly handled, they let employees go that were the only ones knowledgeable on certain software, in effect crippling entire departments. They have a reserves department with not one certified PE, lead by... —  read more 

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50 people laid off

People in all four offices got laid off; Denver, Bridgeport, Midland and Evans. People from IT, Production, Planning and Development, Land and other departments got laid off. I heard that close to 50 or so people.

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