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Time for change!

It was a very rough day at Repsol yesterday. At this point we are operating on skeleton crew. I'd blame most of this on the government, we need a major change in October - we need some strength in the office and we need pipelines - that's good for... —  read more 

Major Layoffs in Canada

This is just in - link below - 30% of Canadian workforce to be cut: NEW YORK/CALGARY (Reuters) - Spanish oil company Repsol SA is cutting about 30% of its Canadian workforce, following a global restructuring process, the company confirmed in an... —  read more 

Layoffs in Calgary

Repsol is doing a "re-org" in Calgary, was supposed to be the same time as the Houston people were let go but is now scheduled for early June. People think that the jobs will go to Spain.

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Repsol is done

Repsol laid off all the senior American geoscientists today.

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