Topics regarding layoffs at Repsol

Topics regarding layoffs at Repsol

How is job security at Repsol?

I see this forum is not that active, which I think is a good indicator when it comes to layoffs. It would be nice to hear from somebody who actually works there, though. I'm asking specifically about Singapore. I was offered a job but I don't want to... —  read more 

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Stockholders Disappointed

Many have seen the Marcellus boom coming! As a shareholder, I am disappointed that every other Marcellus acreage holder has been ramping up by adding rigs! Where is Repsol’s ability to forecast this very profitable period when COG, Alta, SWN... —  read more 

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Time for change!

It was a very rough day at Repsol yesterday. At this point we are operating on skeleton crew. I'd blame most of this on the government, we need a major change in October - we need some strength in the office and we need pipelines - that's good for... —  read more 

Major Layoffs in Canada

This is just in - link below - 30% of Canadian workforce to be cut: NEW YORK/CALGARY (Reuters) - Spanish oil company Repsol SA is cutting about 30% of its Canadian workforce, following a global restructuring process, the company confirmed in an... —  read more 

Layoffs in Calgary

Repsol is doing a "re-org" in Calgary, was supposed to be the same time as the Houston people were let go but is now scheduled for early June. People think that the jobs will go to Spain.

They should send the Spaniards back to save jobs from the Americans. I see discrimination lawsuits written all over this layoffs.

Heard through upper management that the people laid off are mostly Americans with high salary. So that means all the H1B and L1 visa folks get to stay at the expense of American highly skilled labor. This is unfair practice which is nothing new at... —  read more 

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