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Centrica redundancies 2019

Let's start a thread and figure out what 2019 brings as it relates to redundancies at Centrica. I hope it will turn out to be just nothing.

Layoffs have "quietly" started

New round of layoffs are almost completed. Looks like roughly the 4000 promised. Their strategy is largely in place, it won't be near enough.

Centrica Redundancies 2018

About 4000 to be made redundant. How about this... It's as bad as it gets now! And, Conn is calm and is saying: "The only thing I regret is we are going to see 4,000 more colleagues leaving Centrica and it’s partly due to this price cap and... —  read more 

Huge layoffs at Centrica, 4,000 people to be cut

Everybody knew layoffs were coming after Centrica posted 17 percent drop in profits, but to hear the number is still rather shocking. Four thousand people will lose their jobs in this and following two years. Hopefully, at least some of them will be... —  read more 

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