Topics regarding layoffs at ExxonMobil Singapore

Topics regarding layoffs at ExxonMobil Singapore

Victim of PIP

Last year, my SLS told me, I was placed in PIP. When I’ve done above and beyond my base R&R but what he did not tell me was, theres a heated discussion during the PA that went into a voting and I got marginalized because people don’t know me. LL... —  read more 

There will be no layoffs

Stop being scared all the time! O&G is cyclical, and we are currently in the bo-m period. Once we enter a bust period is when you need to worry, but that's not going to happen any time soon. Have you been following what's been happening in the world?... —  read more 

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A Changed Company

Exxonmobil is no longer a career company, its a part time company now Offered retrenchment package i go If not just work safely and sorry no extra output or effort Now 10 mens job become 1 man job with plant and machines breaking down happily... —  read more 

Career Question

I just turned 37 years and I am still a suprervisor. I am losing any hope that I will ever be able to make manager, not to mention something bigger than that. I feel I am a failure and that my career is not going anywhere. Is there any hope and do... —  read more 

PIPs are the new layoffs

I'm not sure why people are even thinking about layoffs anymore. When EM wants to get rid of employees, all it has to do is put them on PIP. Then they either leave right away because they know there's no beating it or they're fired in the end. PIPs... —  read more 

Cost cutting restructures

I understand that the info about these so-called restructures and mergers within parts of the company (feel free to read layoffs instead) is still scarce and we are yet to see that is going to happen, but how much do you think these changes will... —  read more 

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Are layoffs happening right now?

And don’t mean a layoff here or there, which has been a regular occurrence for a while now at this company, but has anyone noticed anything out of the ordinary? Maybe more people getting the boot at a certain group at once or something? Has anyone... —  read more 

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Will it ever get better?

I’m not a long time employee of XOM. To be more precise I’ve been here for 4 years, but I remember that when I started the work conditions and the atmosphere at the company were much better than now. So, we are talking about a big change towards the... —  read more 

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