Topics regarding layoffs at Essilor

Topics regarding layoffs at Essilor

2022-2023 Layoffs

Any info on Layoffs for end of this year/next year? All the managers seem to be coming into the office more and meeting with HR. I'm wondering if the way the economy is headed if they plan on downsizing.

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So, so, so understaffed

I no longer understand how I manage to work here. I do work for several people and I am so tired that I can no longer dedicate myself to my family or friends. I accept that amount of work just because the bills need to be paid, and if I had any... — read more 

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Budget for 2021 is done

Shared Services function are being consolidated in Dallas Local BU support functions are going to be laid off Q1 2021 maximum says the budget You ain't missing much, the benefits for 2021 got trimmed down again. Leave while you can!

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Be ready

Performance shares were granted today. The lay off in December was 2 days after performance shares were granted.

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Be prepared, be proactive

I've heard more layoffs are imminent. Maybe not this week, but soon. My advice to everybody is to be prepared. You know this is happening, you know you might be next, so there's no justification to not be doing everything in your power from right... — read more 

Post Layoff situation

@Everyone concerned by December layoffs : Do not feel sorry for yourself, the climate is rapidly degrading. Embrace this new opportunity to live your good life ! The obvious lack of skills from the President, the CCO, the CFO and his french puppet... — read more 

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EOA layoffs Imminent

All, Essilor corporate employees (Dallas) post here as you hear about or see layoffs. I am reading and hearing about lots of roomers and news being communicated publically.....I'm expecting something major to happen across IT, Supply Chain... — read more 

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About Time

Worked at Essilor several years. I feel sorry for some of the employees that that were laid-off. However, I can tell you that for some of the people that were laid-off in the marketing department it was about time. This should have happened five... — read more 

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Impact of layoffs

This is ridiculous. They fired a lot of the people who knew the business. How is crippling the business for months to save a few dollars anywhere near being a good thing?

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EOA layoffs today

Essilor of America is doing a large layoff this morning of only American employees. No French expats were terminated because Essilor is French owned. Most all of the layoffs are long term, upper level and older aged employees.

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