Topics regarding layoffs at University of Phoenix

Topics regarding layoffs at University of Phoenix

Bonuses for leadership

Did you know that all our hard work we've put in over the last few years is affording our VPs and Directors bonuses? Yet, as worker bees we've only gotten a cost of living adjustment? So in a time that everything is soaring cost wise and we are... —  read more 


"University of Phoenix Please dig deeper into the mess that the University of Idaho is getting into with the University of Phoenix and its two owners: Apollo Global Management and Vistria Group. As a consumer advocate who has investigated the... —  read more 

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Shark Week

Your thoughts?

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The numbers...

According to US Department of Education data, the school's equity value declined from $361M in FY 2018 to $187M in FY 2021.

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"A submitted question asked about the potential for ongoing liability for costs associated with pending Borrower Defense Claims against UoPX. Green previously told the Idaho Press it’s estimated this liability could come to up to about $7 million... —  read more 

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Borrower Defense Claims Surpass 750,000. Consumers Empowered. Subprime Colleges and Programs Threatened.

As of January 2023, there are more than ¾ of a million Borrower Defense claims against schools. And each month, about 16,000 new claims are added. Those claims are disproportionately made against a number of for-profit colleges and formerly... —  read more 

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Operation Neptune

Here it is.

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More than one potential buyer?

I'm getting word that Apollo is shopping University of Phoenix around. Was the UoPX-Arkansas deal for an estimated $500-$700M an intentional leak? Or was a concerned someone in Arkansas worried that the University of Arkansas System would take the... —  read more 

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