Topics regarding layoffs at University of Phoenix

Topics regarding layoffs at University of Phoenix

Tone Def

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Compaints from veterans

Of the 450 complaints: 29% complained that University of Phoenix credits did not transfer after being promised they would. 28% complained about the lack of job opportunities after being promised by University of Phoenix recruiters they would have... —  read more 

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Student X

Is there anyone that you regret enrolling? Are there any people you know who were crushed by the dream UoPX was trying to sell?

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Don't enroll students with insufficient background education, and hand them degrees which have no market values... I taught for 6 years at ground campuses in MD, DC, and VA between 2010 and 2016. I started in Columbia in MD ground campus in 2010... —  read more 


I assume layoffs are coming soon. The school has stopped marketing. There’s no leads coming in. Genesys and Salesforce have stopped working. Management has zero interest in solving these problems. Why? Too many overpaid executives at the top that... —  read more 

Deadline with VA

Any word on whether UoPX has resolved their issues with the Department of Veterans Affairs?

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Is Coronavirus a golden opportunity?

"There are many parts to the current Coronavirus crisis and its effects on US higher education. But they all boil down to the Trump mantra (defund, deregulate, and privatize) and the opportunity for the elites to capitalize from the crisis, as they... —  read more 

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new pay scale for faculty

The new faculty pay model is basically an insult to long-term and doctoral-level faculty. UOP ended the extra pay for faculty who had taught for years and for faculty with PhDs. Pay is now on based on which school the course is in. Essentially, all... —  read more 

UOP fined $191 million by FTC

As a former Qualifying Center employee who was lied to by management about these partnerships and any associated potential tuition benefits that an Enrollment Rep could discuss, I'm glad UOP is facing some justice. However, I do feel bad for any... —  read more 

FTC settlement

Under the settlement announced today by the commission, Phoenix and its private investment group owners will owe the FTC roughly $50 million in cash while forgiving another $140 million in fees owed to the university by former students who allegedly... —  read more 

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