Topics regarding layoffs at Time Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Time Inc.

Well, this is not good

Meredith gave up on both keeping the entire Time portfolio and an effort to create scale online as a means to sell advertising and subscriptions. It will lay off 1,000 people, on top of 200 it already has fired. It will also sell Time, Fortune, Money... —  read more 

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Time Inc. layoffs February 2018

It has started. We know who the first victims of the merger are. Meredith is laying off 600 customer service employees and closing customer service center in Tampa. Nothing else was announce for now, but we all know more is coming, and it's more... —  read more 

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Major layoffs incoming

Anybody here wants to bet on how many of us will be laid off now that we were sold to Meredith ? Frankly, not sure being bought by them is a fate any better than simply closing our doors for good. They'll most likely have a major culling at the... —  read more 

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Time Inc sold to Meredith

All the struggle of Time Inc in 2017 finally come to its end, Company Laid-off employees throughout the 2017 but at last Meredith buy it for about $1.8 billion Read this:

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Downsizing at Time Inc. (Jan 2014)

Big layoffs are coming very soon. You've seen the report in the Post - it looks like we will be cutting up to 500 people (6% of workforce). Last year we did the same thing, 500 people in Q1, downsizing, job cuts, RIF - you pick the name. Laura Lang... —  read more 

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