Thread regarding Pearson VUE layoffs

You may as well leave on your own!

You may as well leave on your own as you will be overworked with no support needed to do the job done. We also have an internal game that we all play called 'how long can you last without getting any pay increases' - most people bail out after two years.

Also there will be a ton of pressure from upper-management for good reviews from testers...

Yet, you will not get resources needed to ensure that this happens.

Also, this is not a big deal for some but it is for me - Air Conditioning has issues all the time - come on, it's not that hard to fix it.

Finally, IT support is substandard at least. If they have layoffs, they should start in the IT department, not sure what group but they all seem to have issues.

The management should revisit the entire IT approach. IT folks behave like we are here to serve them, instead they should serve the business. Right?

Good luck!

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Remains true. Lack of valuing employees is very obvious.

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Agree with the surveys. People are more apt to complain than compliment in any environment and we have majority of folks who do not want to be there. Anonymous gives them the courage to fabricate and exaggerate if so inclined. You can tell some are trying to set up for a free exam if they fail and others wait until they fail to submit to surveys.

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No one will see this post…but…LOL on the surveys. There’s no good reason to offer surveys in a test taking environment. Candidates are nervous and moody and they’ll offer poor feedback for any little thing that pi---s them off.

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No tools of support yet you're supposed to be a miracle worker making $1 over minimum wage.

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