Topics regarding layoffs at First Data

Topics regarding layoffs at First Data

Only Fiserv

Anybody notice that only Fiserv employees are being laid off. None here. Well Fiserv is really First Data now anyway. FB making a ton of money, Yabuki got his beach house in Malibu and sold out his company.

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First Data really Fiserv now

Sounds backwards but FData has and is eating Fiserv alive, so while no terminations noted here, their new subdivision is having massive layoffs which, oh, kinda means Fdata layoffs too.

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First Data Time Off Policy

What are your thoughts on PTO: Paid personal days and paid vacation time are both available to First Data owner-associates. 2 weeks PTO, accrued - no rollovers. 2 wks 1-5-; 6-10 ; 3 wks ; 10+ 4 wks. A few years ago they actually took 3... —  read more 

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Marketing coming

My boss and I have been sitting in a whole bunch of integration meetings with the new overlords from Fiserv and they are quite the piece of work. Arrogant, even when you compare with us New Yorkers! The worst one seems to come from Wisconsin but is... —  read more 

toxic work enviroment

first data has one of the most unethical and toxic work environments i've seen in my many years of working for different companies... nepotism runs rampant here... the work is completely unrewarding... why even bother knowing that you have no chance... —  read more 

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Huge turnover

I know I'm not the only one noticing the huge turnover we've been having lately. I started a few years ago, and within a year my group had half of it people gone. Not exaggerating, half of them (and I am not talking call centers). Not that First Data... —  read more 

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Absolutely no leadership

Don't expect to get any proper support or guidance from leadership at First Data... I've been here for a few years, and one time I haven't seen a manager in 10 months... When you finally do get to see a manager, don't expect it to be the same person... —  read more 

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People are leaving on their own

I'm sure I'm not the only one who's noticed the huge turnover we've been having lately. Not that I'm surprised by it. Working at First Data has been turning less satisfying and less rewarding by the day. If you're salaried employee, you can forget... —  read more 

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Closing of Sugar Land TX site

So the executive committee flew in on October 3rd to tell everyone that they are not going to rebuild after the storm. Landlord has repaired the building and it's ready to reopen on November 15th. The senior management is using the effect of... —  read more 

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Sales Game

First Data hired a bunch of people then sold them the dream they will go far with the Company Notttt! Good thing a few got smart and left before it got worse, for those who had no choice but to stay and gave it their all were the Victims. Now they... —  read more 

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No regard for people and their livelihood

First Data used to be a great company to work for, hasn't been for quite some time. Damn shame how they discard thousands of their employees at a time. No regard for people and their livelihood! Frank Bisgniano and his ginny cronies can go to hell!

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First Data 2015 layoffs

2000+ layoffs begin today Friday May 8th throughout the company. Since KKR acquired this company in 2007 there have been more than 15 layoffs approximately 2 per year. Zero job security, raises every 3 or 4 years if at all, no 401k match and high... —  read more 

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2015 Prospects

Do you think we'll struggle in 2015 as well - I think that we might be turning the corner and that things might be improving. I know many people in Atlanta who still remember layoffs and are freaked out - but I think 2015 should be a fairly good year... —  read more 

First Data Always Lays Off

It's in our DNA and people are used to this - it's the nature of IT, we have expensive staff and the best way to control cost is to let people go. Yes, I heard that 2014 will be rough.

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Denver Cuts

Some Denver staff to be let go, overall 550 folks will be cut. We have 1000 people in Denver. More stuff is moving to Atlanta, Greenwood Village was moved to Atlanta in 2009... More cuts to come in 2014... Not fun, there is a lot of fear and anxiety... —  read more 

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