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ebay during covid-19---anyone working? anyone home? how many laid off?

We have been selling on ebay for over 20 years–total sales in excess of 4 million dollars. We have a 'concierge' account (top 2% of sellers) yet while other companies have figured out how to respond off-site- no one has answered our phone calls for over a month (special #). Anyone home? And this year they will push us into 'managed' payments—charging us extra for every sale on the payment side...we remember the days when they used send us all sorts of ebay 'stuff' thanking us for the great job—back in the late 90's and when our account rolled over the 20 year mark...nothing...not even a thank you email for the hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees paid. pretty sad.

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this is what happens when eBay outsourced most of its work to H1-B works from India. Whole teams got wiped out and became 100% Indian run. Non-Indian employees that served eBay well for many years were all of a sudden told by Indian managers they weren't good enough for promotions or continuing to work at eBay. This so Devin W. could cut cost and give himself multi-million dollar bonuses, and Indian managers could get under the table kickbacks from Indian outsourcing companies.

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