Topics regarding layoffs at Yelp Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Yelp Inc.

Corona Virus Layoffs

Due to the Corona virus, Yelp is laying off employees. It is not clear how many. As of 17 March, people are being notified via Email that their positions have been cancelled, or they will be fired and re-hired at a latter date.

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Yelp / 2016 Job Cuts Due to Technology Shift (Customer Switching to Cloud, Legacy Skills Demand Drop)

2016 Layoffs Predictions - Global Equities Research, Trip Chowdhry Yelp: Global Employee Count 3,671: Layoffs: ~30% layoffs = ~1,000 workers to be laid off EMC: Global Employee Count: 70,000: Layoffs: ~ 15% to 20% layoffs = ~10,000 and 14,000 workers... —  read more 

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