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Great news about HANA!

"SAP has realised that it needs to shift its strategy and their priorities," analyst Josh Greenbaum of Enterprise Applications Consulting told CMSWire, adding that HANA is no longer a differentiator in the enterprise marketplace. One part of the... read more

Stealth layoffs?

Is it possible that stealth layoffs are still happening in different parts of the company? Given there are multiple worldwide locations SAP is almost idle to perform that kind of strategy by the leadership. I would like if people reported were there... read more

Layoffs are flagged in the system

Sure anyone can apply for anything but you won’t get hired....unless you are well connected. SAP has imposed a 2 year wait for all impacted before then can be hired (even as a c-user). In 2015, it was a 1 year wait. If it truly was the roles/jobs... read more

Callidus folks are quitting left and right

Is this normal? As soon as the RSU’s were paid out, it was a mad rush out the door and now it is a ghost town here. Do they know something we don’t? Not just leadership team, it seems like almost every director and manager and even rank and file are... read more

Reapplying for a job

I heard one of the laid off guys was told he can reapply at SAP - pretty much immediately. If this is true, I can't understand why this would be a thing. Why would you lay off somebody just to invite them right back in? What exactly is SAP achieving... read more

Stepping away from HANA

The level of people they cut at from HANA at SAP, from Lukert to rock stars like Thomas Jung, signal a real step away from HANA to anyone who is watching. They also made S4 much to difficult for established SAP users to migrate to, it's way too much... read more

Severance Packages question

Packages were sent out around April 1st. For workers over 40, they contained the age and job title of those affected and those not, in accordance with the OWBPA. Stupid question, how are they able to provide this list on April 1 if employees have... read more

SAP's HR department is the worst

I have worked for many companies and SAP's HR department is the worse!! There is no accountability within the team, only the low end workers are doing something meaningful. The leaders and HRBPs are totally useless - instead of focusing on helping... read more

Will we ever get job security back?

I'm wondering if job security will ever again be a thing at SAP? There were always some layoffs here, but what we have seen in the last month is in a league of its own. I'm starting to think we've reached a point where we'll always have the... read more

Layoff at SAP

SAP is not a safe as earlier. Successfactor and Ariba technologies inside SAP are treated separately and layoffs are very common here. 4400 people across SAP has been forcefully layoff by giving the name voluntary retirement. People who has joined... read more

Job search

Are people who have been laid off in the past month or so already looking for new jobs? If yes, how is the search doing?

What’s next for SAP?

HANA is goner, too expensive, and in-memory is widely available at cheaper prices S/4HANA is goner, it runs on HANA and there is little functional enhancements over ECC. ROI questionable. Most customers who hold the license do it due to license... read more

Spain and UK are always first

"The Spanish employees are always the first and easy targets to get rid. Try it in Germany , France and Italy ...." Spain and UK are always first, together with countries in EE and CIS, because of the very permissive labour laws. There will be more... read more

The layoffs are done, right?

At my US location we were hit pretty hard, but for some time now nothing is happening. Don’t want to sound naive put can we assume now that the layoffs are done, at least in the context of big organized waves? If that is not the case, I suppose a... read more

Robert Enslin gone as well

Read the SAP Leadership Announcement here

SAP's hard times and the shortcomings of HANA

SAP went all in on HANA, and is clearly reversing course now. What went wrong? 1) A zero response DB - not true at all 2) HANA doesn't need any DBA/Basis people to run - not true at all 3) HANA runs on any platform/OS there are no restrictions - not... read more

Any info on german locations getting hit?

No rumors at my location in Germany, but keeping in mind the state that we’re in and the fact that US locations got hit recently, I figure it’s just a matter of time before the layoffs spill back to Europe again. Has there been any word on potential... read more

I am out

After several of my posts deleted, i am not coming here anymore. I can get these information from twitter or any public website.

Why are post being deleted?

I have been following this thread and noticed many posts are being removed. Is SAP monitoring this site? Is this site deleting posts at their request? Just curious if this is a free speech site as claimed or not?

What gets hit after the bay area locations?

Any indication on what offices could be hit next? Judging by everything It seems that these layoffs won’t be over any time soon. So, any indication who could be next on the chopping block?

Is this a good sign?

I see that posts here have slowed down - should I take that as a good sign that layoffs are over for now? Or is this simply calm before the storm and we are about to be hit with another round or three? What can I say, the last month at SAP has made... read more

What locations do they want to cut to the ground?

I imagine that in light of the layoffs some locations will be closed( talking about the US). Is there any rumor or any word on what locations are they planning to close? Are they required to give some notice about their intention for closure, if a... read more

Layoff numbers for the Bay Area

In case anyone is interested, saw this reported in the Silicon Valley Business Journal today: Citing a “permanent restructuring,” SAP confirmed with the Business Journal Tuesday evening that it is laying off 446 Bay Area employees. The cuts include... read more

SAP is no longer the same SAP

SAP is no longer the same SAP it used to be who used to cared for it’s employees. Unfortunately not anymore. SAP board only cares about increasing share price but ignoring their engineering culture and acquiring companies. It’s become all about... read more

This is the key issue

SAP unfortunately has still not figured out how to get user experience right. Usability is #1 issue customers are facing. Still there is no major investment in UX. I have heard designers even have to struggle to get right and latest design tools... read more

SAP Europe layoffs on April 1

UK and Ireland, to be more precise. This has now been talked about enough that I think we can consider it confirmed (despite the suspicious date.) Good luck everybody there - if I'm not mistaken, packages there are better than in the U.S. so look at... read more

Are there any signs of layoffs this week?

I’m at a US location but it would be helpful to get info on other worldwide locations as well, as SAP layoffs have the domino effect and they tend to spill to the US in any case, sooner or later. So have any layoffs happened, and if they have what... read more
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Merge APJ and GC

how about merge SAP APJ and SAP GC? it will help the company to save even more money. anyway, GC used to be part of APJ

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