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fleet card limit

Is there any limit on the fleet card for buying windshield washer fluid or better some high performance motor oil? It might be worth buying a higher amount before being fired. What's your opinion?

When will it finally end?

I'm tired of losing sleep every night because I'm worried about layoffs and whether my job will still be there tomorrow or the day after. This needs to end, now.

Severance package in the EU

I heard that people in the EU get a severance package with 4 weeks for every year. If you had a company car you get it for the half price. Is that true?

80 employees at the Singapore SSC impacted

I am hearing that 80 employees at the Singapore SSC impacted. Their roles/groups are being moved to the EXISTING Manila SSC. Unsure if 1) the 80 is accurate and 2) that covers every group working out of the Singapore SSC. Shocked that they are doing... read more

Should I retract VERP acceptance?

It looks like those who did not accept VERP will get it anyway (4 weeks as opposed to 2 for younger people laid off). I have signed the waiver but I have until 3/18 to retract it. I guess if I did, it wouldn’t affect my payout and I would still be... read more

Why stretch this out like this?

Looks like layoffs are still ongoing. Why? Why not do all the layoffs at once? Why torture us like this? This is just cruel from SAP - which honestly surprises me since I like this place, I enjoy working here and I didn't think leadership possible of... read more

Who makes these decisions?

I'm honestly curious to find out who decides which people are laid off. It's not somebody who knows these employees, what they do, or how good they are at it - that much is obvious. I'm assuming this is strictly about numbers - so it's some number... read more

New hirings. Should we be worried?

There was a significant wave of new hirings at my location last week. What I find to be worrying in this story is the fact that the new hires were given jobs with similar or the same description as some of us in the group have. I found that as an... read more

Internal transfer

A colleague used to be the same team as mine was let go in 2017 lay-off, he made an internal transfer to SuccsessFactors support by downgrading from T3 to T2. He was shown the door again in this round with the entire team.

The path of least resistance

Fairness is not included in criteria for layoffs - many teams with very qualified knowledgeable experienced individuals were included in these layoffs. Agree layoffs especially in countries with lesser laws protecting the employees are used to reduce... read more

LinkedIn Promotion Strategy

I'd like to see if someone can chime in on good LinkedIn promotion strategies. I was laid off last week and I'd like to find a decent job - I hope LinkedIn can help but not even sure where to start. Are there any tips ex-SAP folks can share. I know... read more

Not just older employees

My son is a recent college grad, he has been with SAP for under six months and he was shown the door. I'm still trying to figure out what was the point of even hiring him in the first place. Not to mention, he had two other offers he turned down to... read more

Wonderful HR, wonderful SAP....

Already one week i had the call to prevent me i'm fired... However, i tried to reach my local HR to know more about delay and details.. Not possible, they were on vacation last week...., i also opened a ticket in HR System last week, just transferred... read more

This is all about looking good to Wall Street

SAP has spent a lot of cash on acquisitions and Qualtrics was 8 billion. Then layoffs came to save 1 billion? This is all about looking good to Wall Street. SAP knows the original core products are dinosaurs and the only way to stay relevant in the... read more

Best alternatives?

What are the best alternatives out there for finding a new job? I've been checking other companies on this site and it seems to me that every company in our field is currently in the same position - plenty of layoffs and unhappy employees. Is there a... read more

SF and SCP next.

SF is done. S/4 sidecar for free - SF Americas has been dead for 8 months. Greg is out end of Q2. Neo/SCP moving to Azure by end of year. Run to workday.

To all consumers of Kool-Aid...

Things have been sour for a while now. Failed acquisitions, misguided moves in cloud, mobile, etc. If you think this round of cuts is a big deal, open your eyes and reflect - lay off Kool-Aid for a moment and think about what happened in 2015 (big... read more

Glad that I never joined SAP

i had a job offer from SAP and never joined because I got second thoughts.The problem is that SAP cuts off their subject matter expertise.You can bet after this round of layoffs they will most certain create more VP's. Like zombies if you kill one... read more

Layoffs impacts on mobile

Does anyone have any idea, information, news on how this layoff will impact the mobile (iOS, Android; apps, SDKs) teams worldwide? Mobile has not been the greatest success of SAP, so I guess there is a chance of being let go.

What’s the standard severance package?

Forgive me posting on this board, as I’m an outsider, but my husband works at SAP, more precisely at the Atlanta office. My question is what is the standard severance package in that region?

Canada Layoffs @ SAP Labs

Toronto and Waterloo SAP Labs are cutting over 69 folks. The Montreal Labs is hit too - 15 layoffs over there. BC cuts are still TBD - I would say 20 to 30 there...

What locations could be impacted this week?

Any pattern that we can follow and maybe predict which locations could be impacted by layoffs this week? Of course I ask this, keeping in mind that that’s very hard to predict, given that this weave is obviously worldwide.

SAP is an asset on your resume

I know a lot of people are panicking due to layoffs, but you really shouldn't. Finding a job with SAP on your resume is not going to be hard - at least for now this company is well respected and having worked here is considered a plus. I know this is... read more

More layoffs this week?

Do we have any ideas on what's going to be hit this week? From what I understand, we know for sure layoffs are not done yet - but that's about the only thing we know. If anybody has any more info - like is the US going to be affected once again and... read more

Restructuring? Should be global

Layoffs at SAP are extremely seldom. I have worked for the company for a long time and love my job there. The company announced this 'restructuring' at the beginning of the year and I think it is long overdue. We have acquired many smaller companies... read more

So, what happens when the layoffs are done?

Do we get overworked to the border of our possibilities, do they hire cheaper youngsters, will they hire contractors? It’s hard to figure out given that the layoffs are happening worldwide and that various departments were hit.

Any way to foresee your layoff?

Does anyone have any experiences regarding what symptoms are present from which one can foresee that that he/she is in line to be cut, of course if such a thing is possible to predict at all?

Age discrimination lawsuit

Thoughts? Early Talent hiring initiative is company policy, illegal in US? Hires under 30 is a goal for managers, odds of winning...David vs. Goliath...but never know with a Jury...

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