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It’s all going to be about the bottom line

The numbers were always the main thing this company’s leadership cared about, but from now on I think it’s safe to say that the numbers will be the only thing that matters. The new leadership is profit-oriented to the max, so no amount of layoffs... —  read more 

Big Wave of Layoffs @ Infor - October 2019

Infor made top level executive changes a few months ago - and now this trickles down through the organization. New C level players want to show margin improvements and the fastest way is through headcount reduction.

Massive layoffs handed out today

A massive amount of layoffs were handed out today. Koch Industries wants Infor to IPO soon and needs to cut costs. Good bye jobs for hundreds of newly unemployed.

Someone take the lead

Management at Infor doesn’t seem to have a clear direction on where we are headed as a company. Most of them have no clue on what is going on. Also, how can we expect them to hold a key position when some are very seldom seen in the office? It just... —  read more 

Too many issues to deal with

There are so many reasons on why I left Infor that I don’t know where to begin. Benefits were lousy in comparison to the workload you were given and bonuses were far and inbetween and usually reserved for those who were favored instead of to those... —  read more 


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