Topics regarding layoffs at Q2 Holdings Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Q2 Holdings Inc.

Next round

I am very concerned that I could be impacted in one of the next rounds of layoffs. I am working on mental prepardeness as well as the next steps should this happen. That said, what are the expected next RIF dates?

Layoffs 1/30

Lost colleages on my team today due to layoffs. I wish them all the best and hope Q2 survives over the next few years. Anyone heard the Bankruptcy or FISERV rumor?


If you are concerned about your role and if it may be moved, keep an eye on the posting board and see what roles are posted and the location. This alone will give you some insight.

Low morale

Did anyone hear if more layoffs are coming? Can't imagine why anyone would want to go above and beyond; the writings on the wall this place is offshoring jobs like crazy

They laid off best people

Ever since the company laid off some of the best people, I have been looking for my way out. The atmosphere has become very toxic. I still don't understand why the laid off best ones and left those that don't put in any effort?

Any Rumours?

All, I understand Q2 does not like to layoff staff and has done it very infrequently. However, with all of the layoffs in the tech industry, how long before we are touched again? Does anyone have a gut feel on this?

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