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AVID Technology September 2019 Layoffs Again

They try to do it quietly and off the radar. That doesn’t work. Once again long term employees targeted to benefit the executive team and their self centered desire to cash in on big pay checks and stock options. You should be ashamed of... —  read more 

Losing $10m a quarter can't go on forever

Our shares price dropped 36% yesterday. We made $3m profit - but that's before the $13m in interest payments every quarter... So it was a loss of $10m That loan will be the death of Avid The investors saw through Jeff's spin It can't go on... —  read more 

Layoffs continue. Building consolidation and closure

Layoffs continue. We should change our name to AVID Layoff Technology (since that is the primary business we are in). Watched more great co-workers, people and friends lose their jobs. No value is placed on dedicated and productive employees. It end... —  read more 

Anybody left at Avid to step up?

I guess one would have to ask, is there anyone who still works at Avid that would actually care to step up with any ideas, new products, innovative ideas to enhance current product suite, and the actual skill to do it? If so, now would probably be... —  read more 

Sales down? Beat up your partners

Word is that Avid is putting big time pressure on their worldwide dealers to book equipment orders by the end of the quarter for deals that aren't closed, leaving them holding the can if the deal falls through after quarter end. This may look good... —  read more 

This place is a dump

This place is a dump circling the toilet. It is a place of perpetual RE- organizations and layoffs. Never heard of an organization laying off so many productive and loyal employees. All to try and fill the pockets of a small group of executives with... —  read more 

Q1 earnings today

Place your bets... Without the Harmonic patent settlement this time, how will Avid fill the void this quarter? If the going is good: NAB was a big boost for Avid If the going is bad: NAB stalled deals in to Q2 —  read more 

And finally ...... has been fired ;)


Layoff was pre-NAMM this time

At least 4 people from my team were impacted. NAMM was positive from what I heard. Pro Tools is only 10 years behind other DAWs now. Few more people are on their way out voluntarily or interviewing. Sad.. I am giving it some more time to see what the... —  read more 

Avid Executive staff dumping stock

So the brilliant "transformation" (which is nothing but B.S. and nonsense) Is complete per loser High maintenance King Luis. Who by the way is putting on a lot of pounds eating at all those nice meals while he travels the world on Avids dime... —  read more 

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Corporate Marketing? Really?

The lack of respected, talented leadership is decimating what's left of the Marketing organization charged with developing future, forward-thinking strategic plans that will enable our sales pipeline to help grow the business and generate revenue... —  read more 

Best of IBC 2017

Things we absolutely adored - the tablet cover raffle; the gorgeous booth babes; the legacy purple booth lighting that makes even garbage appear luminous; Louis' purple honker pocket rag; the booth babes (again); the staff social media hype (let us... —  read more 

Fourth Quarter Staff Reduction - True or False?

There are rumors swirling about a significant RIF on the horizon In quarter 4. Hoping it is just group paranoia that stems from historical actions coming out of the ROI-less fortune spent at IBC including the T&E monies wasted on the small army of... —  read more 

More Layoffs - Q3 and Q4 of 2017

More layoffs ....... 2017 x 2 and the year isn't even over yet. For the 2nd time in 2017, Goodbye to many, many excellent, hard working, dedicated employees. Again employees with 15, 20+ years targeted and now history. But the executives live large... —  read more 

Pump (up the share price) & dump (talented/loyal staff)

When the snr mgmt people spend weeks huddled away in rooms, cancel meetings at the last minute and stop micro-managing, then you know something is coming. Just as last year, the layoffs commence after NAMM. It's worldwide with a focus on moving roles... —  read more 

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Musical chairs

I hear the next layoff for Burlington staff will be in the form of Muscial chairs as there does not seem to be enough desks for everyone in the consolidated space, as they darken half the building to save a few more cents.

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