Thread regarding Avid Technology Inc. layoffs

Layoffs and furloughs?

How many were quietly exited this time, under the excuse of the pandemic?

Cancellation of a couple of big deals to blame?

Talk of 18 month furlough programs being initiated from Avid HQ?

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We are all done. Time to wake up and smell the coffee people. Stop dreaming and listening to BS about the future is bright, recurring revenue and 70 trillion downloads of free Avid products. Hey dummies, when you give away stuff for free you don't make any money. The executive staff have no clue. They are hanging on because they have nowhere to go where they would get paid anywhere near what they are getting paid at Avid. And what about the employees we laid off right before COVID19 hit hard. Classless executive staff. Didn't want to help dedicated employees through what they knew would be a difficult time. But they made sure to save their own A$$ES and the A$$es of their pet employees. 80 million in the bank? Took out another $22 million in revolving credit? This company is drenched in debt it will NEVER EVER be able to pay back. Like a big dummy I stuck around too long. I saw all this B.S. going on and didn't take action. I am going to pay the price along with many other "non-pets" Look at the financial statement and the debt ...... it is obvious bankruptcy is inevitable ...... many, many of us are spending more time at work (especially while working at home) looking for new employment. It's easy to do with the work-from-home thing, but tough because companies are not interviewing or hiring due to COVID19. My advice to the executive staff. You have been milking this cow forever getting huge paychecks while doing absolutely nothing. Show some balls. Take no salary for a year. Show us that you are really in this for the employees. All that talk is meaning less. Show some action. We all know it won't happen. Keep milking the cow ...... Moo ..... Moo

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