Topics regarding layoffs at BMC Software Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at BMC Software Inc.

BMC is now toxic

Many redundancies world-wide, and the sales teams are badly affected. Until 12 months ago this was a great place to work, but it's become increasingly toxic. The culture is terrible, bad management, completely unachievable targets. They've let go... — read more 

EUC acquisition by KKR

Hi, first off, sorry to hear about layoffs currently happening within BMC, that’s challenging stuff. Good vibes to all. Second, was wondering since we as in Broadcom EUC are about to undergo a similar fate to what BMC went through, I’m curious to... — read more 

Layoffs 2024 Have Started!

BMC is a sinking ship! More missed targets, no buyer, megalomaniac executives across the GM, sales, marketing spewing nonsense, and constant department in-fighting. Get a package while KKR is still paying BMC bills!

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