Thread regarding Diodes Inc. layoffs

So how do you spot if layoff time is approaching at FabTech

  1. HR from corporate mysteriously arrives, for some important meetings.

  2. ON gets a big grin on his face as well as the HR people, they seem to enjoy the process. Actually last layoff round ON actually offered the test engineer's job to someone else before the test enginer was layed off. And when the layoff was in progress, he had a big grin on his face.

  3. Your manager asks help with something, but won't tell you what it is.

All signs to watch out for. Please feel free to add below.

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That'sounds a complete lie. It has everything to do with Fabtech in Lee's summit. Check missouri case net. You'll find a few lawsuits that were brought against the company by long term employees.

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No its not a lie. The only ones who are hurt and sad are the ones under the thumb of the management and hr people at Fabtech. ON exhibits the same psychopath tendencies as the person who elevated him there at the company JL. ON is just more subtle about it.

Go ahead and keep being a good little puppet for the management, they'll glady keep prospering off your hard work.

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This is all a f---ing LIE. People are hurt and extremely sad including your beloved ON.

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