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This Sounds like ON to the core!

Here are ten signs you're failing as a manager. If these signs look familiar, that's your signal to stop and reflect on what's really holding you back.

  1. You lose your temper on a regular basis.

  2. You always have least one employee who is in danger of getting fired.

  3. When things go wrong, your first question is "Which employee screwed up?"

  4. You hear some good ideas from your team members, but you're afraid to bring those ideas to your manager because they might not like them.

  5. The question that repeats over and over in your mind is "What can I do or say today at work that will make me look good?"

  6. You are keenly aware of your fellow managers and their standing on the company's internal stock index. You always know who's in and who's out with your higher-up managers.

  7. When you are frustrated about your job, it's often because you have an employee (or more than one) who's not doing as well as you want them to. You keep careful track of your teammates' infractions and missteps.

  8. You are well aware of the weaknesses and training needs of your team members, but cannot pinpoint any training or development needs of your own.

  9. You often tell your employees "That's not my decision to make -- it's out of my hands."

  10. You don't feel it's important to praise your employees -- after all, they're paid to work!

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I understand Anonymous, you're projecting your feelings onto someone else. Just tell ON how you feel, who knows maybe he goes for that sort of thing.

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Sounds like someone has a heart on for ON!!!

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